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Still Feel Reluctant About What Honeymoon Destinations To Choose?

When you’re in love, then the type of places you’ll visit don’t seem important to you, as long as you have your soul mate next. But, if you add one wonderful surrounding nature and a romantic scent the honeymoon might turn to be even better. That’s why you should choose wisely and pick up one of the following honeymoon destinations, because they are indisputably the most romantic places on Earth.

Choose Your Honeymoon Destinations

  • We can’t write about romantic destinations without mentioning Paris. The city of light also considered as the most romantic city in the world, a place where the love sparkles flow with the light breeze. The whole look of Paris brings about that full romantic scent. Spend your days walking around the city with your partner and feel that magic that is spread around you, or spend a night on one of the bridges watching how the street lamps cast glitter on the water.

 image by J. A. Alcaide, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • Provance, is located in the southeastern part of France. It abides with Mediterranean beaches and a peaceful panoramic view. What brings about this whole romantic look is the taste of the French cuisine and the amazing wine – the best aphrodisiac. But even the fact that you’re in France is romantic, regardless the place you’re visiting at the time. There is something peculiar about the whole state.

 image by Joyce Wang, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia. Situated in South Croatia this city started to show its romantic side more boldly in the last couple of years. The fortress look of the whole city actually shows the architectural bond between the marble streets, old churches and the breathtaking palaces. And the view on the Adriatic Sea from here is indescribable. As the Irish writer Bernard Shaw after his visit here said, “If you want to witness the paradise on Earth, then you should visit Durbovnik. This city’s beauty will definitely leave you breathless”.

 image by Jonathan Cohen, license CC BY-NC 2.0

  • Venice in Italy is known for its canals, and the special passion and romance that shines from there. Imagine you two lovebirds sitting in a gondola, quiet music from behind and the water rippling and at the same time watching the amazing architectural wonders around you. Can you think of anything better?! There’s a legend connected to this romantic place, that goes like this: If two persons kiss on a gondola right before sunrise and while the bells of the Saint Marco church ring, their love will last for eternity.

 image by Riccardo Francesconi, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Even though this place is more known for the wild and rough side, a place when endless parties occur, and where everything is legal, it still has a more subtle and gentle part, ideal for two lovebirds that want to spend a time on their own. The architectural sites older than 100 years will enchant you for sure. To spend a romantic time I would suggest you organize a private dinner just for you two or rent a bike and explore the best of the city. This way you mustn’t forget to visit the large tulip fields that will hypnotize you and stir your senses with their gorgeous view and amazing scent too.

 image by Werner Kunz, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • Istanbul in Turkey with the unique tradition and culture will lead you into a different love story, you’ll enjoy for sure. This borderline between Europe and Asia offers some great panoramic views of the whole city and the Bosporus too. The many tiny and open restaurants and amazing bazaars where you can take just about everything will contribute you a glimpse inside that unique, but yet romantic Turkish tradition.

 image by Adam Franco, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are a series of islands that can offer you one exotic paradise vacation. They are replete with luxury resorts and one divine beauty painted through the long and white sandy beaches, the captivating sunsets, taking in how the sun slowly melts into the ocean casting shadows on everything else and making the water and sky glitter in gold. These views perfectly fit with the picture of you and your partner relaxing under a palm tree and enjoying the surrounding nature and serenity. It’s even more than awesome. This is the exact place where Prince William and Kate Middleton went for their honeymoon. A real royal paradise. If they picked it than it must be extraordinary. You should save it as a place to visit for your honeymoon too.

 image by Samet Kilic, license CC BY-SA 2.0

  • Kyoto, Japan was a royal capital for more than 1000 years. It is known for its traditional bars and don’t be surprised if you fall in love again there for the second time. There are several rivers that pass across and about 2000 temples as well. You will definitely get one unforgettable adventure here, and that special luxurious appeal of the whole place will serve as your aphrodisiac.

 image by Evan Leeson, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • San Blas in Panama is a rustically place where you can afford to spend the night on rafts. It is mostly used as a getaway place of the crowded Bokas de Toro. Here you’ll find your required peace in order to enjoy with your other half in total and also visit some of the best underwater tourist locations with more than 75 species of coral and over hundred species of fish.

 image by …your local connection, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

  • Savannah in Georgia, USA is a historical place and also proclaimed as a national historical treasure. You can create your own fairy tale here and wander the city in a rented carriage along with your prince charming, and at the same time enjoy the taste of the best champagne and some grapes from the local wineries.


Don’t forget to treat yourself and your loved one with a little vacation or holiday every once in a while. There is always time to spend even a small weekend and get away from the routine. Not only you’ll get one amazing adventure and will be fully relaxed, but you’ll get one greater romantic experience with your other half and strengthen your love even more, thanks to the magical air flowing around you and spreading love particles. These places mentioned above are indeed enchanting ones and will fit perfectly in your love story, and even spice it up a bit.

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