Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations Among the American Couples

The honeymoon is the so called first vacation when the couple gets married. Some people think that this is very important and because of that pay a lot of attention in order to be as much unique as possible. Other couples don’t pay too much attention on it and in fact don’t have typical honeymoon.
Because the period of bachelorhood is over, the honeymoon is good solution for the start of the marriage blessedness.

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One research was conducted over the most popular bookings for honeymoon that couples choose. According it, it was estimated statistically that a couple is spending about $4,183 for the accommodation on their honeymoon. The number one destination among the Americans is the Caribbean islands. On the other side the Hawaii is the most desired destination for those who don’t want to use their passports.

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Now we are going to see interesting facts connected with the honeymoons. After the Caribbean as the most famous destination among the five most desirable are: Italy(8,5 %) , French Polynesia(8,3%) , Thailand (7,6 %) and China (5,9% ).As we mentioned that those who don’t want to use their passport, choose Hawaii as their destination. In percentage we can see that it is more than 50 percent. It is estimated that couples who decide to have their honeymoon in their country, spend about $ 11 905. Opposite them, those that decided to go abroad spend about $ 23 000. About the time of spending by bookings, couples wanted to stay mostly 13 days while the shortest ones are the same day as stay. The most required period for honeymoon is during the spring and summer which includes April, May, June and July in months.

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Some other funny and interesting facts about honeymoons are:

-The most popular honeymoon is the place that will have very beautiful beaches and a lot of opportunities for adventures.

-The next fact is connected with the distance for which couples are ready to go the furthest. Here as statistics says American couples are ready to go 10 000 miles from their home. It will be estimated for example form NYC to Bali.

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– One of the best special requests among the couple is foot tub which legs are in form of claws. And this should be placed nowhere more or nowhere less but in the bedroom.

– Couples have some special requirements. Here among the most required things include: Rose petals, champagne, beach drinks and of course couples massages.

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– Couples’ creativity has no limits. Here is another prove. They are ready to spend 9hotels and 7different destinations, all of this for one honeymoon. Can you imagine this? Is this honeymoon should be time for relaxation or time for weariness. But as we said human desires and everything is possible.

Have you planned your honeymoon? If not yet we hope these interesting facts will be of great help in the planning of perfect honeymoon. Honeymoon which worth to be remembered for a lifetime.

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