Polar Cold Winter Took Over US Lakes, the Result is Spectacular

Traveling is moment that you will cherish forever, but when it is something unique something that could be gone with the day, that thing is something special, something that u will never ever forget!

 Cold Winter Turned US lakes into Ice

Arctic cold winter that swept American middle west turned most of the bigger lakes into ice just like in the new animated movie hit from Disney “Frozen”

Polar Vortex Weather System Brings Artic Temperatures Across Wide Swath Of U.S. via nypost

On the largest of all lakes, Upper Lake also known as Superior lake you can see the actual artwork the cold winter created.

Spectacular View of the Frozen Lakes

The caves were formed over the centuries along the Upper Lake in northern Wisconsin are now transformed into large ice sculptures

via modvive

Waterfalls that were falling down from the rocks into the lake turned into ice poles.

Ice peaks falling down from the ceiling of caves as huge chandeliers. Some are sharp and thin and look like needles, and others look like some artist just engraved them.

Since early this year, about 35,000 people visited the cave.

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