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Planning a Romantic Vacation: Where, Why and What?

Romance, butterflies in the belly, love in the air and the whole world is pink…we all have been in love and loved and that is the best felling the world, to have someone by your side to care for you, to make you smile and to be your crying shoulder.

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A new relationship or long one, first vacation together or romantic gateway, every couple need a trip just for themselves and their love. Some couples want a vacation so they can get to know each other better, some want to add sparkles in their relationships and some couples just want to relax and to devote to their love away from all the work and worries.

To sum it up, every one need a lovely vacation, short or long, sometimes few days are enough just to be together and enjoy in the love, freedom and the sun.

Because soon to be summer it is perfect time to place a quick gateway to the seaside, to relax on the beach and dance all night.

The first thing to do about the vacation together is to choose a destination that both love to visit. A place that have something for both, but most important to be cute and romantic. Long walks by the beach, sailing together, dinner on sunset, having fun in the sea and dancing all night long.

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Maldives, Santorini, Morroco, the small and charming Italian villages, Vancouver Island, Mexico, Honolulu, Aruba, Nice, Bali and so much more. The destination is your choice, it all depends on your wishes, budget and if you want to travel long hours or you want something near your home.

After choosing the destination, talk about the finance. If you are in a new relationship it is the best to split the cost for the trip, and if you are in longer one, you probably already have plan. Maybe you want to surprise your loved one with a vacation, so in that case, the cost is on you.

There are so many romantic destination, and since it is summer, the sun is hot and you need the sea, go to the beach. Beaches can be very romantic as well. Getting up early in the morning to see the sunrise or walk by sunset, picnic on the beach, romantic evening by the fire or just being lazy and enjoying with iced cocktail for two.

When you are on your dreamed vacation make sure you have time just for yourself, regardless if you are in a new relationship or you have spent many years together. Everyone need some time alone. Take a walk, read a book, watch a sports game or go shopping. Do what your heart tells you to do.

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Plan a surprise for your loved one. While you are on your romantic gateway do something unexpected and cute, maybe a picnic or booking an exciting excursion. Be fun and spontaneous, because you don’t want to be bored on your vacation, mainly if it is your first one together.

So, plan your summer vacation and enjoy in your love with long walk on the beach, riding bike in the countryside, exploring new places, wine tasting or night drive by the shore. There are so many thing that you can do together and create memories for whole life.

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