How to Plan a Perfect Vacation

You want to get the best out of your holidays? Is it better to plan an active vacation or sit by the beach and do nothing? What about the “extra” vacation you need when you get back home? Take a look at some advice that might be helpful in planning a perfect vacation:

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Enjoy the planning

Sometimes the planning itself can bring much more pleasure than the vacation. A survey conducted in the Netherlands concluded that more than 60% of the respondents said that they enjoyed the planning way more than the trip. An early planning will raise your expectations and lower your stress levels.

Longer isn’t necessary better
If you cannot take a longer vacation, try a few short trips. Psychologists claim that the length of the vacation has little to do with the enjoyment in the holidays. Still, it does not mean that every holiday has to be a hasty weekend trip. Make a balance between longer and shorter vacation breaks.

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Whatever you do, take your time

Although the length of your vacation may vary, scientists say that relaxation cannot be hurried. It usually takes a week to relax and start vacationing. People usually work until the last day before the vacation, and then rush into long trip. Give yourself a few days to pack, enjoy the activities on your holiday fully, but try not to return exhausted.

Turn off your Smartphone
There are no tips on how to handle the e-mails on your vacation. There are people that can’t handle being offline for a few weeks and feel safe. However, you can send a receipt informing the client that you are on vacation and when you are returning to the office.

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