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A Perfect Getaway from Reality 24 Amazing Lonely Houses

Perfect Getaway for Relaxation at the Remotest Locations

Can you count the times you’ve desired to get far away from everything and everyone around you on a perfect getaway? From that dull routine and stress that is stuck in your life wanting to spend some quality times surrounded by peace and harmony only and relax to the maximum.

small-house-grand-nature-landscape-photography-perfect-getaway  source by Patrick Sharp

Everyone needs a rest in a peaceful and quiet environment, without the traffic jam, without the hurry, or the internet, the constant phone calls and the boring neighbours. These habits or things are so badly stuck in our lives that either you become their victim and lose control over your nerves, or you become a machine and start repeating the same routine all over again, which is no good either. Even a machine at the end of the day is shut down and left to rest. You should do that every once in a while too. Pick up the perfect remote place for you according to your wishes, and spend some time surrounded by the closest ones only.

24-Norway  source by Unknown Photographer

Everyone fantasises to pack up the bags and leave everything behind even for a few days spend in a lonely house on a mountain peak, in the middle of a forest or near a watery environment. Wherever, just so it’s peaceful. Even the country house will fit well; there is no need to travel far. Just start practising this and establish a complete relaxation for your body and soul.

07-Tuscany_Italy_Perfect_getaway  source by Marek Potoma 

And if you want to get far, far away well, there are many remote places like this around the world. And here is our list of them.

Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland

04tiny-house-fairytale-nature-landscape-photography-43__  source by Christopher Lynn

A country house surrounded by vineyard in Hungary

08-country_house_vineyard_in_Hungary  by Peter Busa

A cabin by a river in the Urup Island in Russia

06-A_cabin_by_a_river_in_the_Urup_Island_in_Russia  by Denis Veselov

An amazing cottage somewhere in Russia

09-House_Without_Neighbors_Russia  source by Moro

Field house in Alberta in Canada

10-Field_house_Alberta_Canada  source by Caroline

In a valley in Iceland


In the middle of Iceland by a lake

12-In_the_middle_of_Iceland_by_a_lake  source by Ryan Reisert

A house on the green rocks on Trollanes, the Faroe Islands

13-House_green_rocks_Trollanes_Faroe_Islands  source by Grégoire Sieuw

On a rock In the middle of the river Drina, in Serbia

small-house-grand-nature-landscape-photography-301__88  source by Irene Becker

Munnar, India

14-Munnar_India  source by Ulrich Lambert

In the heart of a lavender field, Iceland

11.	In the heart of a lavender field in Iceland  source by Irene Becker

Holland Island, Maryland, USA

16-Holland_Island_Maryland_USA  source by xarvox

Peggy’s cove, New Scotia in Canada

17-Peggy’s_cove_New_Scotia_Canada  by haymaker26

Homer Reykjanes, in Iceland again (with a great view of the amazing Aurora)

18-Homer_Reykjanes_Iceland  source by unknown photographer

Hofskirkja, Iceland

19-Hofskirkja_Iceland  source by unknown photographer

Thousand Islands in Canada

20-Thousand_Islands_Canada  source by unknown photographer


21-Norway_House  source by Matthew Turley

Thousand Island, Canada

22-Thousand_Islands_Canada  source by Unknown photographer

Thousand Islands in Canada

23-Thousand_Islands_Canada  source by Unknown Photographer

A harbour cottage in Japan

25-Harbour_Cottage_Japan  source by Unknown Photographer


26-Iceland  source by Unknown Photographer

Erfoud, Morocco

27-Erfoud_Morocco  Source: Photo by Phil Marion


29-Iceland  source simonmaennling 


30-Iceland  source dirtdee


Judging by these pictures I guess Iceland is the remotest and the most beautiful place where you can enjoy some privacy. There are many alone houses in the middle of nowhere, and surrounded by amazing and inspirational landscapes. Here not only you will relax, and restore your fatigue, but inspire thanks to the surrounding nature and awesome views.

05small-house-grand-nature-landscape-photography-306   source by Christopher Lynn

28-Trabocchi_Abruzzo  source by Fabio Di Carlo


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