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How to Pack Your Beach Bag

Summer is soon to be, but since the weather is nice and warm, most of the people have already hit the beach. Don’t you just love the beach? Sun is up in the sky, the sand is warm, the sea or ocean is calm for swimming, umbrella is spread for shade, kids are laughing and everybody are happy.

Yes, the beach is the place when everyone is happy, and how not to be! On the warm sand all you need to is relax and enjoy. But, to be honest, you need to prepare for the beach and bikini season. During the spring girls are on diet, and boys lock themselves in the gyms, so they look awesome in their swimming suits. And mom and dad should be prepared to run around the beach and keep the kids safe because they really love the water.

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No matter are you alone, with family, friends or your love, the beach is awesome place to be. Just let you worries away and be happy while choosing between beer and cocktail.

But when you hit the beach, there are few thing you must have and place them in your beach bags. Beach bags are very popular, stylish and practical in the same time. They big, usually made from fabric or waterproof material and they are big so they can fit inside all the thing you need for a day by the sea. And women need a lot of things to take with them, especially when they have kids.

The first thing you need to put in your bag is a towel, of course. You need to soak the water after swimming. Also you will need one to put on the sunbed or on the sand so you can catch the perfect tan.

The beach essential is the sun protection oil or crème. The sun can be dangerous, so you must put sun crème on your skin before sunbathing. Also you need an after sun moisturizing milk so your skin can be soft and smooth. According to your skin type, you need to get a sunscreen with the proper SPF factor.

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Also, you would need to protect your hair, so get a spray or a hat. Nice and big sunhat or sea grass fedora. The hat are a must-have accessory in spring and summer, but they are practical as well. Throw a comb in your beach bag, you don’t your hair to be a total mess after having fun in the sea.

The sand can be warm, so if you have sandals, add flip-flops in your bag for any case.
Don’t forget your sunglasses. They are more than a fashionable accessory, they really protect your eyes from the sunlight.

Pack snacks, because swimming makes you hungry. If you are going on the beach with the kids make sure you have enough snacks and drinks. If you are having a family vacation, mini fridge is a good idea, because will keep your drinks cold and fresh.

A hand fan can be practical for the hot summer days, plus it’s so girly.
Forget about laptops, pads and phones, and in your beach bags take your favorite book or bunch of magazines.

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