A New Service on the Rise: Hangover Taxi

You can barely keep your eyes open after partying all night long, and you yet have to get to work? Too bad you are not in London. Namely, the Chinese restaurant Kabuto Noodles opened up a ‘hangover’ taxi service.


Hangover Taxi-01 via clubulpetrecaretilor

These taxis are a real hit during holiday season, offering packages of hot noodle soup and orange juice. You also get sunglasses, some Paracetamol and Mentos, just in case. The drivers try to lighten up the atmosphere, driving the customers to work with lounge music in the background and avoiding traffic dead-ends.

The restaurant has announced to introduce ‘hangover taxi’ to other cities as well. The ones going to a party can pre-order a taxi for the morning via e-mail or Twitter, and during the trial period over the Christmas holidays the service was free.

What can be more comforting than knowing that your wild party night will get you taken care of. You might not have it in your city yet, but if you find yourself in London area, be sure to try it!


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