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New Highest Building in South East Asia, To Be Built Soon

Rama IX Super Tower, New Highest Building, Bangkok, Thailand

The Thailand Corporation Grand Canal Land has reported that within the next month the construction of the new highest building in South east Asia will start. This skyscraper will be located in Bangkok and it is expected to be completely finished in six years.

The Super tower as they call it will be 125 stories tall, and the highest floor will be 615 metres above ground. This architectural giant will take over 12 acres of ground, and it will have a luxury  hotel, shopping centres, gyms and many bars, restaurants and clubs too. Also, it is expected to be a business centre, because of the many offices that are projected to be built there too.

 image source via malaysia-asia

This new tower that will go higher than a plane will have an observation deck on top that will offer some stunning views from the clouds of the surrounding city of Bangkok.

New Highest Building in South East Asia To-Be

Not only will this Super Tower be the biggest in Bangkok, but in the whole Thai region as well. More than 40 billion Thai Baths will be spent for this project.

It will definitely overpass the highest skyscraper in the region, which is actually two; the Petronas twin buildings in Kuala Lumpur. After it’s done, not only it will present the new highest building in South East Asia, but will get on the list of the ten highest skyscrapers in the world. If it’s built by schedule as expected till 2019, then it would get to the ninth place, because several skyscrapers around the world are projected to be finished before it.

 image source via utsandiego

Some Technical Information

If the building process had started years ago and ended in some of the following months, then it might have had a slight chance to enjoy being the second tallest for a while. But it cannot surpass the first place, nor any other tower can too. The great Burj Khalifa in Dubai with the 163 floors that go 2,717 feet, or 2,722 feet to tip up in the sky is still in the first place and will stay there for a while now. No projections for higher buildings than it, are on nor are planned to take place.

But even though it’s not the highest one in the world, the Great Tower will still be the highest in South East Asia, which is pretty awesome too. And this will make it get on the list of the most desired tourist attractions found in Asia as well.

 image source via malaysia-asia


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