National Parks for Unforgetable Camping in USA

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National is surrounded by the Alaska Range, which includes a large number of wonderful mountains and large glaciers. One of the things that make Denali National Park special is the mountain whose highest peak is Mount McKinley 20,237 feet tall.

Because of the high this mountain offers beautiful sight. The second thing that makes this park special is the various species of mammals like marmots, foxes, Dall sheep and a large number of different species of birds. Most of the visitors who come here want to see the caribou, wolf, moose and the grizzly or brown bear.

Visitors here come in droves because the park is a very popular place. The weather in this park is extremely variable and changes constantly. The rangers tell the visitors to be prepared for sun, rain, wind and clouds and expect them even in the same day. The average summer temperatures range from 33-75 F. It has happened to snow in July, so prepare yourself with wearing layers of clothes, which can be removed or added according to the weather conditions.

Winters are extremely cold from -40 to -4 F. This cold weather is necessary for mountaineering and winter visits. The mountain in summer is partially covered with cloud. If the mountain can be seen, take the advantage and go visit, because the mountain can be visible only for a few days.

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Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

The Pisgah National covers 500.000 acres of forest across the central mountains in North Carolina. The highest peak of the mountain is Mount Pisgah by which the National forest is named. In this large forest is included the town Asheville and the French broad river valley. It contains one of the highest mountains in Southern Appalachian Mountain. There are hundreds of trails for backpacking and hiking.

The forest is divided in 4 ranger districts like Grandfather, French Broad, Pisgah and Grandfather. This forest offers excellent recreational opportunities. It is a hikers dream in every season due to the thousands miles of trails. When the weather is warmer its rivers and streams provide good fishing and water sports while the mountains offer rock climbing and bike driving.

There are three designed wilderness areas in the Pisgah national park like Linville Gorge Wilderness, Middle Prong Wilderness, Shining Rock Wilderness.

  via Flickr, by Chris Kreussling, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

This is the only national park in Minnesota, located in the US-Canadian border. This park is paradise and includes the waters of the Rainy Lake, Namakan Lake, Sand Point Lake and Kabetogama Lake. All in all, this park has the waters perfect for kayaking, boating and canoeing. Lake Namakan and Sand Point are only accessible by boat.

This park has also many smaller lakes, most of them are situated in the Kabetogama peninsula, and the most popular are the Locator Lakes. This park is perfect for camping. The camps that are in this park are accessible by water. The park has tents and houseboats. The private campgrounds are accessible by car and are located near the park.In winter the park is covered with snow from December to March.

Available activities in this period are cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoe hiking and snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is a major recreational activity and it is limited to the frozen lake surfaces. The use of snowmobiles in this park is controversial with people who are against it claiming that they damage the natural beauty of the park.

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Big Bend National Park, Texas

In the center of the Big Bend National park it is located the Chisos Mountains. If you visit these mountains you will experience the Civilian Conservation Corps history. This park is situated on the boundary between Mexico and Rio Grande, it is a place where cultures meet and blend. Also in this park merge the natural environments from mountains to deserts.

It is a place where the south and north and east and west meet creating a big diversity of animals and plants. The best way to experience and enjoy this park is by hiking. If you want to stay overnight you will need permission. You will have to have a planned trip and the people working there will help you with the making of this plan.

There are various beautiful species of wildlife in this park, like deer, Mexican black bear, javelin, mountain lion and many others. There are also many species of birds 450 some of which are rare. So while you are hiking you can be able to see one of these fantastic beautiful rare creatures.

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is located in South Arizona. It is always overcrowded and very expensive. Due to the overcrowding there is shortage of accommodation and parking. But beside these disadvantages this canyon is the main natural attraction in USA and maybe in the world. No one forgets the sights of this canyon and they always stay in person’s memory.

This canyon always offers new things. People say that the scale and extent of the Grand Canyon is sometimes disconcerting because the great gorge is too vast to take in a first sight and a hike beneath the south rim gives a intimate perspective. Almost five million people travel here yearly. If you want to avoid the crowds you can go hiking in the parks many trails.

It is hard to visit the canyon and not being curious about the geology. Most geologist say that most of the cutting occurred within the past five million years but no one knows how the river formed the canyon.

via Flickr, by Logan Brumm, license CC BY-ND 2.0

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is one of the USA national parks located in the central eastern position of California. One percent of this area is the Yosemite Valley, but it is the most interesting thing for visiting where most of the visitors go. The first view of the valley is the Tunnel View which is mostly photographed. The second interesting thing is the prominent granite cliff El Captain. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world for rock climbing and it has year round accessibility.

Above the valley floor rise the Granite domes like Sentinel Dome and Half Dome, which are 3000 and 4000 feet high. The Yosemite country contains beautiful areas like Dana Meadows, Clark Range and Cathedral Range. The Pacific Crest tail runs through Yosemite with peaks of red metamorphosis rock. The largest glacier in Yosemite national Park is the Lyell Glacier and one of the few remaining in the Sierra Nevada today.

This park has also giant sequoia trees. There are numerous species of animals which are the tallest and the most long-lived animals in the world. All of the landforms in Yosemite are cut from the granite rock of the Sierra Nevada Batholiths. These rocks are called roof pendants because in the past they were used as a roof of the underlying granitic rocks.

 via Flickr, by Terry Chay, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

This park has the Blue Ridge Mountains which are situated in USA in Virginia. This park is narrow and long, and consists of the Shenandoah river and Valley on the west side and the hills of Virginia on the east. The Skyline Drive is the most prominent feature of the park but the other part of the area is the wilderness and it is protected by the National Wilderness Preservation System.

The highest peak of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the Hawks-bill Mountain 4.051 feet tall. This park was authorized in 1926 but fully established in 1935. Before being a park, large part of the area was a farmland and there are still remains of farms. The Commonwealth of Virginia gained that area and after that gave it to the US Government and then it was decided to be turned into national park.

During the creation of this park big number of families was required to vacate portions of the mountains. Many of the people were against losing their homes and opposed to the creation of this parks. Most of the inhabitants worked the land for a living. The work that was made for the National Park to be created destroyed the crops of many families who farmed in the mountain area and also many people’s orchards where they picked crops. In spite of their opposition they were displaced, even those who managed to stay were left without a community, some families were removed by force, others were left to live there, the elderly people also were left with their positions, but most of them left their homes quietly.

Shenandoah National Park has 196.000 acres for wilderness and back country camping. When back country, campers must respect the Leave no Trace policy that includes not building campfires and not burying excrement. They also must be aware and careful of the wildlife like bears and poisonous snakes. They must suspend their food from trees to prevent unintentionally feeding the bears because the food is dangerous. There is a strong law which protects the animals. The campgrounds are open from April to October. The five campgrounds are Big Meadows, Loft Mountains, Dundo Group and Mathews Arm.

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