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Nap Anywhere – the invention that will make your trip naps easier

This new invention of a small pillow will help many passengers that use the services of plane, train or bus and have neck pains afterwards to be able to nap anywhere and feel relieved afterwards. People travelling distant relations will now have something that will hold their neck up straight and make an easier and peaceful sleep.

Travel Pillow

This technologically advanced pillow is part of the series of pillows intended for passengers only and can be purchased for a price of 59 bucks. The inventor of the product is Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar, that despite his medical degree, has a degree in chemistry studies and master studies in anatomy.

Nap_anywhere_pillow  image source via bustle

This idea first got on his mind after the perennial work with many of his patients that faced serious sports injuries. He wanted to create something for them that will make their naps easier during their many flights. Later he tried making this product to be more accessible for the broader population, something that could be sold all over the globe and have an affordable price too.

Perfect Design for Trip Nap and Nap Anywhere

This product was first introduced in 2012 at the Virginia’s trade fair. He started out a financing campaign on the website Kickstarter during 2013. And the same year this pillow won an acknowledgement for the best innovation at the International travel fair.

Trying to ease up the everyday life of people this doctor really believes to help all of the people around the world, not just his clients.

This customly made design as you can see on the picture is placed near the neck and fits the head and the posture of the passenger.

If you’re one of those that have constant travels, then this is a product that you must have.  This is not solely made for sportsmen, but for all of those that make many business trips or are true explorers and love to travel the globe.

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