5 Greek Islands that you Must Visit Once in your Lifetime

Greek islands are blend of history, beauty and love

Those are the reasons why many tourists visits them throughout the year. Of course, for those who love the beach, summer is the ideal time to visit these little pieces of paradise. But so many islands and so little time is the most common problem that you can have. Therefore, you will probably need to make reductions in your desire to see all Greek islands.

Greek Islands with famous long and sandy beaches

Greek islands are famous for the long and sandy beaches, crystal clear water and sunny days. The days are reserved for enjoying under the sun and having fun in the sea, but nights are for parties, dancing and summer adventures. Your vacation in Greece would be incomplete if you don’t try the local delicacies such as Greek salad and ouzo, gyro and souvlaki, olive oil, Greek wine, many sweet treats, mousaka and fresh sea food, all served in traditional way, made by very old recipes, so tasty and mouthwatering.

Visiting the Greek islands is like visiting a small paradise, the sea and sky are so blue, the sand is white and the palm trees and flowers make it so heavenly.
These the five most beautiful and amazing island that you must visit at least one in your life.


This island has the most beautiful sunset. It is a place where you can go if you are in a romantic relationship, because there everything is exquisitely: landscapes ranging from the beaches of black volcanic sand, through archaeological sites and lots of history.

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Santorini is an island that was created after a gigantic volcanic eruption long time ago. The middle of the island is the lagoon called Calderon and just view of this place from the surrounding villages is unforgettable. If you love history then you must visit Akrotiri, where you can see parts of villages destroyed during the volcanic eruption. The beaches are also phenomenal. Due to the volcanic nature many of them have black sand, but you can find some that has white or pink sand. The most iconic scenery from this island are the blue rooftops.


Mykonos is the island to visit if you want to party all night long. This island is so incredibly popular at the same place you will see ordinary people and mega popular stars. There are many beautiful beaches, plenty of restaurants and nightclubs, but the real jewel is the old city whit a maze.

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Through this maze you can get to Delos – the center of the city with lots of local shops and restaurants. Mykonos is a place of birth of the Hellenic gods Artemis and Apollo, so, there you can find numerous temples dedicated to these two deities.

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Very close to the Turkish coast, Rhodes is a place that must be visited if you love history. On this island is created the largest colony of knights who went on crusade and later expelled from the Ottoman Empire. It is a place located at one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Colossus of Rhodes. Apparently, parts of the ruins were sold, and a Jewish merchant took 900 camels to take the stones.

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Rhodes is divided into two parts: a new town and medieval city. Medieval is surrounded by medieval walls and was home to numerous army of knights. That part of town is worth visiting because it is very well preserved. There you will find extraordinarily beautiful places, such as the area where it is placed Turkish bazaar. Walking, you see the master’s house, and that is incredibly nice, and when tired, you can visit a Turkish bath. The new city has a strong influence from Italy. Although newer medieval town, it hides many amenities, amazing beaches and local delicacies.


Corfu is very popular touristic destination. Like all islands, it has numerous beaches, archaeological sites and major museums. On the island there are two forts, but the Venice one will offer excellent views and architecture. Other places to visit are Theotokos monastery, palace Angelokastro and the Kassiopi, which was a favorite place of Tiberius and Nero. This island is famous for the old traditions, so here you can witness the traditional Greek life.

via flickr by KOSTAS PILOT licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and home of the Minoan civilization. Therefore, there are many archaeological sites and museums. You can start your sightseeing tour by visiting Lychnostatis Open Air Museum, Arkadi Monastery, Spinalonga Fortress, the Ancient Aptera ruins and The Historical Museum of Crete.
Crete also has a national park, botanical garden, and walking paths if you just want to relax on sunset.

05- Crete-2_Greek Islands via flickr by Visit Greece licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

For pure hedonism visit the beaches, warm sand, palm trees and sea…just dive in and have fun.

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