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10 Things that are Must Have for your Trip

When it comes to packing, moms do the best job, as it with everything else. But, it comes a time when you will eventually need to learn to pack yourself. In those times of dire need, please bear these friendly advices in mind:

Pack Lightly

Please, leave the cat and the kitchen sink at home, we are sure they can manage on their own for a short while. Plan ahead, so pick several changes of clothes, plus few extra for an evening out. If you are going to hit the beach for two weeks in a row, you will need mostly light, summer clothing. Don’t get greedy and make sure that you can pack everything in one back. Your wallet will be grateful for the money saved in luggage fees, as well as your bag;

Choose Wisely

It pays off to invest into a good travel bag. Choose one that doesn’t tip over and make sure it has multiple handles and backpack straps Label you bag with you name and address, in case it lost ;

Copy of your Documents

Just make a photocopy/ printout of your passport, travel insurance, booking reservations and keep them separately from the rest your valuable papers. If any of those get lost, it will come in handy to have a copy;

Zip Lock Bags

Are excellent for storing things that can make a mess, like your shampoo or shower gel. Keep an extra in case yours gets damaged. Add a small role of duct tape, because you might need some. Also, pack a length of white and black thread on a needle, for quick fix on damaged clothing ;

Something to Make Memories Last

A slim model of a camera with decent resolution will do the trick. Smartphones come with high-resolution cameras nowadays, so those can be used too. You don’t have to be a professional shooter to make your trip last forever, just make sure you are having a great time I to snap a photo once in a while;

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Always make sure you have them, especially if you have chronic issues. If not a painkiller, something for upset stomach and lots of vitamins, because long travels into foreign climate can mess our immunity. If you travel to a more exotic destination, check with your family doctor if you would need vaccines;

Travel Bottle/Thermos

It will come in handy for shorter trips, especially if driving. The drinks will stay cold and that lovely coffee you need to stay awake on the long miles you drive will be as fresh as it came from the coffee maker;

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Plug Adaptor

Is a must have for your trip because different countries have different power outlets, so make sure you have one, as to be able to charge your phone and camera. Hotels might have them, but it would be less bothersome for you if you have your own;

Extra Lenses/ Spare Pair of Glasses

These might be expensive to replace if lost or damaged while in a foreign country, so it is prudent to have an extra. Buy an inexpensive pair and keep it as a spare, in case something happens;

Must Have for your Trip Feminine Products:

Ladies, the last entry is especially for you. Climate changes can make you period start on an earlier date, so make sure you have a pack of your favorite feminine product with you.

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