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Find a Motel in Milan

If you ever travel to Milan, or near the city, but with a limited budget, the luxury hotels located in the center are not an option for you. For that reason, we recommend ten motels in the vicinity of Milan that might be just perfect for anyone to whom luxury means nothing.

Motel Est

Motel Est offers AC and Wi-Fi in each room, as well as free parking for guests. The rooms are clean and each has its own bathroom with a hairdryer. If you want to get to the center of Milan, which is 13 kilometers away, the train station is 10 min drive from here. Prices start from 60 euro including a breakfast.

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Motel Miami

Motel Miami is a higher class motel that was renovated recently. You can choose from 3 types of rooms, the most expensive one including a Jacuzzi. There’s a TV and air conditioning in all rooms, as well as special lighting. Parking is also free for guests. The starting price for a Double Classic room is 85 euro.

Motel Regal

Motel Regal is quite similar to Motel Miami in what it offers. Comfortable beds, bathrooms equipped with a hairdryer and toiletries, as well as a separate entrance for each room and private parking are the main features of this motel. It is located on Milan’s periphery, near a golf course where you can go in free time.

Motel Rona

Motel Rona has its own parking and a drive-in check in, satellite TV in every room and is not far from the center. Buffet breakfast is also available in your room, not just in the designated breakfast room. However, if you are not a fan of round beds and mirrors on the ceiling, don’t come here.


Motel Charlie

Motel Charlie has quite a long tradition of 25 years, in which it has established its professionalism. There are quite a few services they offer, and the staff is always at clients’ disposal. Each room is uniquely decorated, so as to match various tastes, and has its own entrance. However, the restaurant and room service are not available after midnight. Motel Charlie is situated near the Malpensa and Linate airports, but not that close to Milan’s center, which is 30 minutes away.

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Motel Europa

Motel Europa is a motel in a quiet area, in the vicinity of Monza, and Milan airport (about 10 km) and thus, has a great location. As for the rooms, they are clean and comfortable, with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi, and are suitable for people with limited mobility. They can be booked for a night or even for a few hours, and the price per night is 90 euro. However, the choice for breakfast is a bit limited.

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Airport Malpensa Motel

Airport Malpensa Motel offers a pretty decent choice of rooms, starting from a single to a triple room, accommodating up to 4 people. The price for a double room is around 54 euro, including a complimentary breakfast and a shuttle to the airport. The room amenities include a refrigerator, AC and a safe, while the motel has a lounge as well. There’s a hiking trail near the motel and a bike rental if you have some extra time.

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Motel Autosole

Motel Autosole has both some positive and negative sides. It is a place where you would go just to sleep and spend little time in, but the rooms are big and the beds are comfortable, so you’ll get a good night’s sleep and it is quite cheap as well. The bathrooms have been renovated and are quite spacious. What is even better, the motel is very close to the Tram and the city center.

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Orange Motel

Orange Motel is quite modern, set in a quiet area and near the Malpensa Airport. However, it is relatively far from Milan’s center, and you need to take a train or a bus to get there. The rooms are new with satellite TV and mostly orange furniture, as suggestive by its name, starting from 43 euro a night.

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Motel 2000

Motel 2000 is a small motel with only 14 rooms. However, they are clean and comfortable, although not very big. Apart from the free Wi-Fi and parking, the motel allows you check out at 8pm, which is not so in other motels.

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