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Milan Nightlife, Popular Bars & Clubs in Italy’s Fashion Capital

Milan Nightlife Most Popular Bars & Clubs

As a tourist visiting Milan, it is almost certain, you’ll spend your days sightseeing and exploring the city. But, in the evenings you can have as much fun, if not more in one of Milan’s top bars and nightclubs, concentrated in the city centre. Meet new people and discover the exciting Milan nightlife while sipping on a delicious cocktail or dancing until late in the night.

B: free cocktail bar is arguably the best bar of this kind in Milan, known for their molecular cocktails and almost endless choice of drinks. During Happy Hour, drinks come with tapas.

 image source via bfreecocktailbar

Bar Bam is the right choice if you are looking for a bar with good cheap cocktails, friendly bartenders and good atmosphere. The place is small, but totally worth the visit.

La Chiesetta is without a doubt one of the most unusual places you’ll ever go to. It used to be a church, which has been turned into a pub. It offers a wide choice of cocktails, in a pleasant atmosphere and people that will make you feel like home.

 image source via Facebook

 image source via Facebook

Moscow Mule Bar is both classy and affordable. The service is great and whether you are in the mood for whiskey, wine or a cocktail, they have it on offer.

 image source via milano.repubblica

For a not that casual night out, visit the elegant Martini bar Dolce & Gabbana  and have a glass of good Italian wine or some pasta earlier in the evening. The only downside is the place closes quite early.

 image source via dolcegabbana

The Ginger Cocktail lab. is a place you must not miss. They have a very creative way of serving cocktails, while the food is cheap and the selection wide. The place is located in the Navigli area of the city.

 image source via Facebook

Zelig Cabaret has been ranked among the best locales in Milan nightlife, featuring a different comedian every time. Enjoy a drink while having a good laugh, the entire evening won’t set you back much, as prices are affordable.

Blue Note is a Jazz club with live music and a great atmosphere. Many different Jazz musician perform here, so sometimes you might need to book a ticked in advance. The quality of the food and drinks corresponds to the price.

 image source via bellamusica

Gattopardo is great night club with good music where you are guaranteed to spend an unforgettable fun night. The modern, two-level club which is a former chapel features a huge dance floor and a bar, the only flaw being that it’s a bit pricey.  image source via blogo

Byblos is a club like no other you have ever seen before. This modern multi-level structure has a glass dance floor where you can often spot celebrities partying. A drink cost around 20 euro, and that’s why you’ll only see Milan’s elite here.

08-Byblos_Milano  image source via international-nightlife

 image source via monet360

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