Mauritius Island, The Ultimate Vacation Experience

Mauritius Island Paradise on Earth

If there ever was paradise on Earth, globetrotters would agree – it is Mauritius Island, a small island in the Indian Ocean. For the ones with the means for distant travels Mauritius can be a pure enjoyment. Situated around 855 km east of Madagascar, Mauritius was discovered by the Portuguese in 1505. Due to the coral reef that surrounds the island, the beaches at the Mauritius Island are protected from large waves and sharks, making swimming completely safe, unlike many other ocean islands.

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Visit the Island of Mauritius

The tropical climate means that the best time to visit the island of Mauritius is during the dry/winter season. The 1.2 million inhabitants are very welcoming, and you will be spoiled rotten in the top class hotels by the beach, perfectly adapted to the natural environment, and not lacking all the amenities for a great vacation – tennis courts, gyms, pools and numerous restaurants where you can taste the unique combination of Indian, French and Creole cuisine. Port Louis is the capital, where you can try excellent beer and rum in the local bars.

Mauritius Island Resorts

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