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Lombard street San Francisco an Atypical Street so Appealing to Tourists?

The Lombard street San Francisco, California is proclaimed to be the most uncommon street in the world. It is a street that connects the east and the west side of the city and is crowded with vehicles. The eccentrical thing is the whole look of the street, actually the fact that there are eight sharp crooks that make it seem very interesting. Just a tiny glimpse will confirm that this is one odd street indeed.

 image source via Flickr, by Karen Brockney, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Because of its unusual and unique appeal Lombard street San Francisco is proclaimed to be the curviest street in the world.

History of Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

The history of this uniquely designed street dates back from 1922, when it was suggested by Carl Henry, who thought that this project  would be the only solution in order to lower the percentage of the steepness of the road. If it was built to be straight, then the slope would be too steep and hard for the passengers to walk or drive. People would have got killed rolling down the steep like pineapples. And then it would have been the steepest street, not the unusual one in the world. What sounds better? I believe that they made the right choice making these interesting curves going downtown, surrounded by the beautiful Victorian mansions. This neighbourhood here possesses some of the most expensive real estate mansions.

 image source via avaxnews

This crook part of the road is 1/4 of a mile long and is reserved for a unidirectional traffic only, towards the East. The speed limit in this part of the city is 8 km per hour.

This unusual street presents a true tourist attraction too. There are many that come to San Francisco only to experience a drive or walk on this Lombard street.

Lombard Street as Tourist Attraction

And the authorities have done a great job, taking care of the whole appeal of the street, making it even more attractive with the greenery and the rain of colours thanks to the many flowers that ornament both sides of the streets in summer. There are also pedestrian paths from both sides and stairs that lead to the top of the street.

Even at night it still looks incredible.

01-Lombard_Street_San_Francisco  image source via Flickr, by David Yu, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

San Francisco Streets

Yet, this is not the most crooked street in the world, but the Vermont Street that is also located in San Francisco, in the Porter Hill has the honour to have this epithet, though; this street is not as famous as Lombard’s street is. The visual beauty of the Lombard street is more appealing and catchy for the optics of the tourists, and they don’t even think about that technical crook, but find the whole look the winning one in the battle for the most respected street because of its crookedness.

 image source via virginiaknowles

 image source via activeboomeradventures




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