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“Leonardo da Vinci” National Museum of Science and Technology

National Museum of Science and Technology – Leonardo da Vinci

The “Leonardo da Vinci” museum is made up of 3 separate buildings and takes up 50 000 m2 . The first one is the Monumental Building, divided into separate sections, the Rail Transport Building is the second one and resembles a train station, while the third one, the Air and Sea Transport Building featuring many aeroplanes and engines. The overall collection of the “Leonardo da Vinci” National Museum consists of 15 000 different objects, making it one of the most significant museums worldwide.

via flickr by Federico Moroni licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Idea was Born

The idea for the museum originated from Guido Ucelli, who became the head of the institution. In 1947 the National Museum of Science and Techniques was built on the grounds of a former monastery and from then on new sections were opened and exhibits were brought to the museum.

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Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Sections

The Computer Science section is just one of these celebrating the history of computers. The Time Measurement section and the Print and Graphic Art section are also part of the Monumental Building, while the most important one is certainly the Leonardo Gallery that today holds numerous models of Leonardo da Vinci’s machines that were successfully reconstructed thanks to his drawings. The sections all present a different period in the scientific development, especially of Italy. Many exhibitions are organized and interactive labs as part of these exhibitions are aimed at educating the youngest about science and technology.

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Steam locomotives and train instruments are located in the Rail Transport Building. The famous Ebe ship can be found in the naval pavilion in the Air and Sea Transport Building.

The museum pays close attention to preserving the heritage and bringing it closer to the general public. For that purpose, a number of technological pieces of equipment, tools and other objects are displayed in the various departments. The library contains over 40 000 items and the archive important documents about the history of the museum. It is a place where both adults and children can enjoy and take part in experiments in the labs, watch a theatre performance or a film or listen to a science-related story.

via flickr by Federico Moroni licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Night at Museum Leonardo Da Vinci

You are also offered a unique opportunity to have a night at the museum and explore it while joining in narrations and taking the role of a historical person. During the day, there are guided tours, and various events on the topic of science and technology are held at the premises of the museum. In 2012 an event dedicated to astronomy, called “Asking about the Moon” was hosted here. The Assassins Creed exhibition took place a few months earlier and was devoted to the popular computer game.

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It is located in the city center in Via S. Vittore 21 and can be reached by metro M2 line. It works every day from 9:30-17:00 (18:30 on Saturdays), except for Sundays. The entrance fee is 10 euro, but youngsters, seniors and groups pay a reduced price, while children under 3 and disabled people don’t have to pay anything.


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