The Least Visited World Destinations (Part 2)

Sao Tome and Principe
Annual tourism: 12.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Mainly, only a few have heard of this country. But Sao Tome and Principe has a great potential for tourism – there are direct flights from Lisbon, and you won’t find as many political problems as it is the case with the other African countries.
Why worth visiting: The very casual lifestyle, the excellent diving and snorkeling conditions, a rich wildlife and beautiful fishing villages, make this destination a traveler’s paradise.

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Annual tourism: 8.000
Why tourists won’t visit: This is anything but a pleasant destination. Getting a visa is a major complication, unguided trips are not recommended, and most of the things on your way seem to be designed to make your vacation even more frustrating.
Why worth visiting: The colorful canyons and the desert sand are a part of the answer. Uncover your inner adventurist and explore Turkmenistan.

Annual tourism: 7.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, which can be seen all throughout the capital Chisinau. There are regular flights, and getting a visa is not a major problem. There is no logical explanation for the low turnout of visitors, except the lack of organized tours around the country.
Why worth visiting: Moldavian wine is exceptionally good, and Cricova complex is the largest wine cellar in the world. The capital may not be pretty, but it can offer you a great night life.

Marshall Islands
Annual tourism: 6.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Isolation and lack of connections with the rest of the world contribute to the low numbers of tourists.
Why worth visiting: You have the perfect ingredients for paradise islands – lagoons, coral reefs, pleasant locals and beautiful diving spots.

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Annual tourism: 4.000
Why tourists won’t visit: A great problem for this destination is that it is so far away from everything. Even more, the process for getting a visa is so complicated that it’s no wonder that tourists don’t even want to bother applying.
Why worth visiting: The spectacular mountains combined with great historical and cultural influences – Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Annual tourism: 3.900
Why tourists won’t visit: Kiribati is very hard to get to, and not easier getting around either. Getting to these islands, which are scattered around the Pacific Ocean, can be quite the challenge.
Why worth visiting: Christmas Island became popular in 1999 as it was the first spot to welcome the new millennium. It is also known as a great place for fishing and diving.

Annual tourism: 1.100
Why tourists won’t visit: Tuvalu is a small country above the South Pacific, which is predicted to be the first one to disappear as a result of the harmful effects of the global warming. It is also very difficult to get to.
Why worth visiting: Tuvalu has beautiful lagoons, but there is nothing else to do when diving starts to bore you.


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