The Least Visited World Destinations (Part 1)

While millions of tourists are lured to the popular tourist attractions, it is worth visiting some less known destinations. It may be hard to believe that some of these countries – due to isolation, war or something else, have disappeared from the tourist maps. You’ve certainly heard their names at some Olympic Games opening. Take a look at the 15 least visited countries in the world:

Annual tourism: 30.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Mauritania is a “neighbor” of many popular tourist destinationsSenegal and Morocco, but the tourists simply won’t come. One of the reasons may be the lack of western amenities, such as ATMs, which many travellers are accustomed to.
Why worth visiting: Here you will witness some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Add Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean – your vacation simply can’t turn wrong here.

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Guinea – Bissau

Annual tourism: 30.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Guinea – Bissau, as most countries in Western Africa, suffers from periodic civil unrest. The ubiquitous poverty does not help the situation, and free movement of people is a challenge to say the least.
Why worth visiting: The Bijagos Archipelago is mesmerizing. If the situation could get a little better Guinea – Bissau could be the next hot spot for tourism.

Annual tourism: 28.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Unlike other countries on this list, Bhutan could develop in a genuine tourist attraction. The problem is the limited number of tourists allowed to enter annually.
Why worth visiting: The prime attractions of Bhutan are the Himalayas and the local cultures that have developed in almost complete isolation from the rest of the world.

Annual tourism: 25.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Chad could be described as a destination for adventurists with unbearable climate, limited visas and dangerous roads.
Why worth visiting: Here you will find some pretty impressive desert landscapes, if you don’t mind the armed men all around you.

American Samoa
Annual tourism: 25.000
Why tourists won’t visit: While its independent “sister” Samoa continues to become ever more popular, American Samoa is far from becoming even an industrialized country.
Why worth visiting: When you leave Pago Pago, the pretty unattractive capital, you will stumble upon beautiful coastline and interesting beaches. You can also visit some very interesting prehistoric archeological sites.

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Annual tourism: 15.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Due to the frequent military coups that have happened in the recent years, along with the strict adherence to the Islamic traditions, the Comoros will find it difficult to compete with Mauritius and the Seychelles.
Why worth visiting: If women were allowed to wear bathing suits, and all visitors to drink alcohol, the Comoros would be an excellent honeymoon destination. One thing is sure – this place does not lack natural beauty.

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Solomon Islands

Annual tourism: 14.000
Why tourists won’t visit: The Solomon Islands have a reputation of being unsafe, mostly because of the frequent civil unrests. Malaria, bad infrastructure and only a handful of international flights do not contribute to this country’s popularity.
Why worth visiting: The civil unrest has been over for years now, and the islands have a great potential for adventure tourism. The main assets are the excellent diving conditions, great surfing spots and spectacular waterfalls and volcanoes.

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Central African Republic

Annual tourism: 14.000
Why tourists won’t visit: Due to its unsafe reputation it is best to avoid some areas, other than that – flights are expensive, and the country is struck by extreme poverty…
Why worth visiting: The Central African Republic should, in theory, be a wonderful destination where tourists would enjoy watching the wildlife. The Dzanga-Sanga reservation, located in the western part of the country, is abundant of gorillas and elephants – but for those who want to get there, at least in present time, the only option is getting a charter flight.


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