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The Least Visited States in Europe

Europe is one special and the most visited continent yearly. There are many famous places like Milano, Pariz, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and many more that are visited by more than 10 million annual tourists and their number is increasing from year to year, because of the many beauties and unique adventures these places offer. They are marked as the most visited cities in the whole world. But on the other hand, there are still many hidden and obscure places on this continent that are still waiting to be discovered and seen.

Some of them are visited by less than 10 thousand tourists a year. Even though they are not equally commercialized like the other metropolises around the world, these countries mentioned below have some cities rich with culture and traditions, and some stunning places that will pleasantly surprise you. Follow our list, starting with the tenth place, the most visited place in this list and moving up to the first place with the lowest visits in Europe.

The one with the most visits in this list is Luxembourg. It lies between Germany and France and presents a mixture of their cultures and tradition, that can be most noticed in their cuisine and history. This country and the Luxemborugh city are visited by around 905,000 tourists each year.

via flickr by Wolfgang Staudt licensed CC BY 2.0

Next is Serbia with around 810,000 annual visitors. It’s the country where the famous Exit festival occurs. This is something that brings about the rise of the number of tourists every year. Although Serbia is regarded as the country that offers the best travel experiences in Eastern Europe, starting with the best nightlife in Belgrade, it is still not as visited as many other countries with less fun in Europe. It was once part of Yugoslavia that was one of the world’s powers.

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Iceland is a country that has 673,000 visitors every year. Even though this is a small number compared to the other countries in Europe it is still enough for Iceland because it receives almost twice the tourists than the total population of the country (that is 320,000). This country offers numerous attractions like: waterfalls, hot springs, geothermal spas and glaciers. Reykjavik, which is the capital of Iceland is considered as a very friendly town. Icelandair helps this island country stay connected to Europe and North America as well, by offering great flight deals.

via flickr by Chris Marquardt licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Moving to another one that separated from Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the least developed nation in Europe. The country is split on ethnic nations and the fragile political system reflects it all. Sarajevo is the capital of the country. It is one charming city and definitely a place for a true traveller. One that will experience to see some European Union peacekeepers patrolling in the city. There are around 439,00 tourists that visit Bosnia each year.

via flickr by Patrick M licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Macedonia is the third country mentioned on our list that was part of the great Yugoslavia. It is a free country nowadays, slowly but surely emerging from the shadow of Yugoslavia. Macedonia is full with history and culture. It is the home to many churches. There are 365 churches only in Ohrid, one for each day celebrating different saints. The capital city is slowly evolving and can be set side by side with some of the Europe’s metropolises. Another touristic attraction is the pearl on the Balkan, Ohrid with the largest natural lake in Europe, Ohrid Lake. Prespa lake and Dojran lake are other natural lakes and only a few of the attractions that can be found in Macedonia. It is a real hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

05 - Macedonia via flickr by Zlatko Parmakovski licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Monaco, is in the fifth position with only 292,000 visitors a year, but all wealthy ones. This is the perfect spot to anchor your yacht, and enjoy on the French Riviera. There are many things that need to be visited like the casino in Monte Carlo, the Oceanographic Museum and many more. It is an expensive country possessing world’s most expensive real estate, which is the main reason that is visited by the wealthy members only and represents as a playground for the rich and famous.

via flickr by Trish Hartmann licensed CC BY 2.0

San Marino is a small constintional country, within the borders of Italy. It is just 60 square km big, that is probably the primary reason why the number of visitors is so modest too. There are many castles that can be visited on the country that serve as historic signs for the world’s oldest republic. The number of visitors is around 139,000 tourists annually, and only those who stay overnight and explore the country are numbered. There are many others that have a one day trip to here only.

via flickr by Filip Knežić licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Considered as Europe’s last dictatorship country, Belarus’s popularity is not so great and that’s why it made it on this list. With approximately 119,000 visitors every year, it is not the political system that pushes them away only, but the lack of attractions that is the main thing that drags the attention of the travellers too. The capital Minsk, has a charming spark thought and is a pleasant place where you an spend a few days and get a new life experience.

via flickr by Thomas Depenbusch licensed CC BY 2.0

Moving to the second place on the list. It is Liechtenstein with only 54,000 visitors each year. With a population of only 36,000 we can say that it is going pretty well for this country. It is a hillside country set high in the Alps and positioned between Switzerland and Austria. Valdis is the capital city and has some cool sights that are worth visiting once you’re there, like the castle of the Prince of Liechtenstein that sits on the top of a hill overlooking the whole city, a car-free city centre and some wineries. If you want to, you can even rent the whole country for a night of 70 000 bucks and rule with an iron fist.

via flickr by Clemens v. Vogelsang licensed CC BY 2.0

And the ruler of this list, with the least annual visitors is Moldova, where only around 11,000 tourists are set. Located between Ukraine and Romania it is a hard to get to places that lacks with some attractive destinations. But if you want to find a thing to visit, there are some excellent wineries that can help you be one step before your friends in your exploring Europe trip.

via flickr by Dino Quinzani licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Search for a hidden gem and visit some of these places. You would be surprised by the beauties they’ll offer and will want to visit it again. Share your experience with your friends and next year return back again and discover even more. Help these locations get even more visitors. There are many on this list full with tourist attractions, but put behind or having a bad reputation. No place is less worthy than another for a true traveller and adventurer. Learn a new culture, and see something other than the luxury and busy life these other metropolises around the world possess. Witness a different style of life, experience a different culture and learn something more about the history of the place by visiting the many monuments left to witness and serve as a proof that Europe is truly the oldest and the richest with history and culture continent in the world.


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