The Largest Airport in the World

Besides the existing airports in Istanbul, Turkey will have the third airport that is considered to be the biggest in the world. This airport was officially opened by the Turkish Prime Minister, in which ceremony he stated that this airport will not be an ordinary one, but it will represent a kind of monument of the victory.

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This airport could kindly welcome 90 million passengers and it will be spread over an area of 76 million square meters, including marking area with 500 airplanes. This construction will cost approximately 22 billion euros and is considered one of the most ambitious construction projects in Turkey in future.

According to statistics that have been obtained in 2013 only in the two airports of Istanbul appeared 70 million passengers. It is believed that within 20 years the traffic at these airports will increase the number of visits over one million airplanes and 118 million passengers during the period of one year.

The tender for the construction of the third and the largest airport in Istanbul and also in the world was founded in May 2013 by a consortium consisting of several Turkish travel companies. This tender had promised to Turkey that will pay 22.1 billion euros plus taxes, in order to get the concession to manage the airport for a period of 25 years immediately after its construction.

In the date of 29 October 2017, exactly when Turkey celebrates the Day of Turkish Republic, will be the day when the one part of the new airport will start to work. In addition, investors will invest in traffic that will connect the airport to Istambul through the bridge over the Bosphorus, a new highway and also they will build a new railway.

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Turkish international company “Turkish Airlines”, which is one of the companies with the largest number of tourists and flies in more than 208 international destinations, is currently located in one of the airports in Istanbul. However, it was announced that this company will change the base location, and it will be placed in the new airport after 29th of October, 2017.

The structure of the new airport is considered to be a large complex within which there will be hotels, congress center and four terminals, which will be divided into separate buildings. It was also mentioned that these four interconnected buildings will be connected by the railway system and has eight control towers and can serve any type of airplanes.

The construction of the new airport is located in a forested area near the lake Terkos, which is considered as one of the main reservoirs supplying Istanbul with water. Due to concerns of environmentalists their organisations staged protests to prevent the start of construction of the facility, but failed in their purpose.

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The Prime Minister of Turkey said that all those who went out in the streets to protest, actually were not aware that they are used as pawns while Turkey celebrated historic achievement. And it was actually the dirty mess of their enemies which ceremony they have watched with frustration because haven’t been able to stop the construction of the airport.

And not only that Turkey wants to acquire a miracle called ” the biggest airport in the world “, but Al Maktoum International’s Airport in Dubai strives to reach even to beat a record with over 160 million passengers annually.


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