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A Real Natural Wonder Lagoons – Lencois Maranhenses

This national park in the northeast side of Brazil outspread on a 155 hectare land looks like a real fairy tale place. But hard as it seems to believe in this, it still represents a natural wonder, painted by the witty skills of Mother Nature. It seems that she tried really hard and lost over thousands of years for the formation of this rare geological phenomenon.

Dunes – Lencois Maranhenses

The unbelievably wonderful landscape is actually a place where large dunes and numerous lagoons can be spotted. It reminds of a desert a bit, but it is definitely not one since many rainy days can be spotted there, that actually contributes for the lagoons to fill up with water. The rain here drops even 300 times more than in the great Sahara desert. That so, it is too rainy here to be considered a desert.

via flickr by Claudia Regina licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

If you throw a glimpse of this from a bird’s eye perspective, it will give you an astonishing image of the whole park. The mixture of white sand and blue or greenish lagoons is amazing. The dunes can get up to 12 metres tall, and the lagoons can get to be even 3 metres deep and their temperature can rise up to 30 Celsius degrees depending on the period of the year. This all contributes to some perfect conditions for swimming there.

Lagoons – Lencois Maranhenses

A variety of fish can be spotted here, that come from the rivers that pass through the national park, and also turtles and birds populate the area. Even though these lagoon last only in the top summer season when they’re full with water, life is still found here. The wolfish is one of the species that call this place its home. It is amazing how it can stay deep in the mud during the dry season (that starts in October and Novermber), waiting for the first rain drops to fall and its home to fill up so it can get out and enjoy in the water surrounding once again.

via muycurioso

The best time to visit this fascinating landscape is in the period between July and September. Then you can enjoy taking a hike around the place, catching memory pictures, thanks to the amazing surroundings or enjoy swimming in the warm ponds.

Exploring Lagoons

The park may look easy for you to walk in and explore it, but it is definitely not. That’s why it is significant for you to explore this place with a tour guide that can show you the way in, through and out of this captivating but easy to lost-in-land. Also, you can get here only with a Jeep, the only car that can handle the bumpy terrain. Because of the vast land that is occupied by this amazing land, you have to stay longer if you want to explore the best of the lagoons spotted at this place. Two days won’t be even enough to see all of it, merely just the best of it will be able to be spotted.

03-lagoons via flickr by Ariel Diacovetzky licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This park will treat your eyes offering such beauty that is seen nowhere on the planet. What Mother Nature makes cannot be surpassed by any other man-made wonders in the world. That’s why you mustn’t miss the chance to witness a wonder like this. Reward your eyes and soul next summer holiday and visit this place. You will feel like on a tropical island, surrounded by vast sandy beaches and enjoying in the warm water of the lagoons. It will be a real holiday treat, mark my words!

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