Isla Mujeres: A Piece of Paradise Best Caribbean Island

Isla Mujeres Best Caribbean Island

Hidden behind Cancun’s lavishing resorts lays Isla Mujeres or the ‘Island of Women’, an island approachable only by sea and uninteresting for high-class tourism. What makes this island special is the incredible atmosphere, the untouched nature, beautiful beaches, happy and welcoming people, reggae ton and salsa parties that last long into the night.


This idyllic destination is not really easy to find, since only one tourist agency in the region offers tour to Isla Mujeres. The name was given by the conquistadors when upon approaching the island they saw the shore filled with statues of women.

Isla Mujeres with the Best Caribbean Beaches

Although Isla Mujeres is quite a small island, there are numerous opportunities for sightseeing and active holiday, and it is being believed that is one of the Best Caribbean Island. You can literally travel to any point of the island by bicycle. For the skilled divers, the south shores of the island are the right spot to do it. At the most southern point there is a Mayan archaeological site worth visiting. The authenticity of this island makes the visit worthwhile, since this is an oasis in the desert of hotel chains and generic holidays.

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