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Ipanema: The Most Famous Beach in the World

If you want a long and sandy beach, lot of fun under the sun, happy people around you, dancing, swimming and feeling free than we have only one word for you, Ipanema, the most famous beach in the world.
The beach is spread on more than twenty blocks in the neighborhood with the same name in the Brazilian city of the carnival, Rio de Janeiro. On this beach you can really feel the dynamic Brazilian spirit, just dancing the samba every time you hear the beat and being happy when the sun is shining.

via wikimedia by Vani Ribeiro licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

Along with the beach, the whole surrounding is set to give you and amazing and fun experience, restaurants with local delicacy, night clubs, bars and lots of stores for shopping. But, not only is the fun part, this area around the beach lovely cultural center as well, with museum, theater and art galleries.

But, after all the beach is the main reason why some many tourists from all over the world are coming to visit this place.

ipanema_03- via wikimedia by Vani Ribeiro licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

A day at Ipanema Beach is not like a typical day at the beach. There are so many thing to do, to see and to taste. For sure, you can swim and sunbath and relax while the sun is hugging you and the sand is so soft and warm. This beach is also popular for the beach volleyball, sexy girls and handsome boys playing in the sand. It is Brazil, so you can even play football on the beach. The most interesting is the footvolley, a sport invented by the locals that is a combination of volleyball and football. If you love to surf or at least you would love to learn, than Ipamena is the right place to hit the waves.

via wikimedia by Vani Ribeiro licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

The tourist love the barracas or the beach bar that serve cold beer all the time. On the beach you can find many vendors that sell almost everything you need, refreshment, balls, umbrellas and hats. And while you are there spoil your belly with traditional and tasty treats such as the local cookies called Biscoitos Globo, different flavors of ice cream, corn-on-the-cob, tasty melted cheese on a stick, fresh shrimp on a stick, fresh-sliced pineapple, fresh coconut juice and homemade sandwiches.

If by any chance get bored of the beach life, just hop on the boardwalk, ride a bike or get rollerblades. It still fun and you can enjoy in the view of endless sea and beautiful and happy people having the time of their life.
People that have visit this beach says that it is the best in the world and their advice is not to miss the sunset, just walk along the beach while your feet are sinking in the sand and you can feel the warm breeze and the smell of the sea water. Priceless!

via wikimedia by chensiyuan licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0

It is worth to mention that Ipanema, like most the beaches in Brazil is public, so you can enter for free and just have a blast under the sun.

The best part of Ipanema beach is that is so fun and free, happy and amusing, beautiful girls and boys, tanned bodies and topples, dancing on the sand and beach parties at night.
All you need for exprincing the true Ipanema life is a ball, bikini, big smile and party spirit.

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