Interesting Facts about Flags of the World

Some of the Most Interesting Facts About Flags

Flags are not a simple piece of fabric painted in different colours – each shape and colour has a special meaning for the country and culture it represents. These are some interesting facts about flags, the meanings of the shapes and colours and what they stand for:

Interesting Facts About Flag of Nepal

1. This is the only country that does not have a standard rectangular flag, and in the same time it is the oldest official flag in the world. The blue frame stands for harmony and peace, reminiscent of Buddha, who was born here. Crimson, on the other hand, is the national color. Some people compare the triangles with the Himalayan summits, but they are actually a Hindu symbol.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of Greece

2. The blue in the Greek flag is thought to represent the Mediterranean Sea and the white – the white houses along the shore, while others think that the five stripes on the flag stand for the national slogan ‘Freedom or Death’. All agree on one thing – the cross represents Orthodox Christianity.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of Brazil

3. The green background and the yellow rhombus symbolize the former colonial government, the Braganza-Habsburg dynasty. The former coat of arms was replaced by a blue circle with 27 white stars, with the identical positioning of the stars above Rio on the 15th November 1889, each star representing a state. The slogan in the middle means ‘order and progress’.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of Canada

4. The red colour is reminiscent of the cross of St. George, the protector of the state, and white is taken from the French royal Coat of arms. The maple leaf represents the beautiful Canadian nature, at least during the summer.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of Bhutan

5. The Bhutan flag stands out for one feature – the dragon. The name of the country means ’dragon’ so it is logical to be placed on the flag. The dragon originates from the Bhutan mythology, and holds jewels in his paws, that represent wealth.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of USA

6. The popular nickname for USA’s flag is Betsy Ross, after the woman that made the first flag. The interesting facts about flags of USA is that it consists of thirteen horizontal red and white stripes that symbolize the first thirteen states that declared independence in 1776. The blue rectangular with the white stars represent the number of states. Today there are 50 of them, lined up in formations of 6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of Indonesia

7. The Indonesian flag consists of two horizontal stripes, red and white. The colours are traditional, used by different dynasties throughout history.

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Interesting Facts About Flag of Mozambique

8. For someone that is not acquainted with Mozambique’s history would consider the country’s flag unusual, but for the nationals the symbolism is obvious. Green stands for agriculture, the black – the African continent, the yellow – the abundance of minerals, and the red – the fight for independence. The coat of arms is unique and deeply symbolic. The red star stands for socialism; the book for education and progress; the hoe stands for agriculture, and the weapon – the battle for freedom.

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