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Have you Heard of the Abandoned City of Mandurative

Abandoned City of Mandurative

This city is located in India, and is only 200 km away from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Praes. What is special about it is that it was once the heart of the North Indian Muslim country. Its historic evidences date back from the Mughal rule in the Medieval Age, the time when this city gained prominence.

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Today this city is one ghost city, but even though it is deserted for about 400 years, it is still a paradise for the adventurers and explorers that go on a trip around India. It is one of the most exotic places available for today’s travel addicts.

The landscapes there are simply breathtaking, it’s like they’re almost unreal. And everything is so well preserved; it looks like he’s still inhabited. That’s the outstanding mystery of the city, how after so many years, it nonetheless preserves the old and typical look.

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Castles, Tombs, Mosques and Monuments of India

The many castles, tombs, mosques and other monuments witness the ruling of the Mughal dynasty and represent true historical sights and one traditional treasure. Every traveller wants to get in touch with the history of the place in order to sense it more and enjoy in it. And this one offers the best sight providing exactly the real picture of the history of the place and how it all looked like. What captivate the most are the many beautiful Islamic architectural wonders.

India Famous Jahal Mahal

The most famous is the Jahal Mahal, which is a huge palace, positioned between two lakes, and has the shape of a ship. It was built to be a harem for Hoshang Shan and give the ladies that stayed there a sea-like ambiance. Also, here’s the Hindola Mahal too, with the sloping walls on three sides that give the impression that the structure is swaying along with the wind. It appears that their architectural achievements were all urged on and influenced by the nature and the natural powers that run the universe.

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We’re all cognizant with the fact that Taj Mahal is the most notable sight of India, something that represents India and stands as a landmark. But the inspiration for constructing it comes from this very place – Mandu, more precisely from the tomb of Hoshan Shan in fact.

The valley- the Narmada can be overlooked from only one spot in the city, the Pavilion castle. Perched on top of the cliff looking over the whole city, gives you one royal-like feeling. It served as a palace for the queen. But not much can be spotted with a naked eye from there, since it’s high up and distant too. There is a telescope on one of the balconies that will help you observe better.

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And not to forget the Jami Masjid structure which actually presents a mixture of two unique styles: the Dharmshala (the Hindu straight cut rectangular style), and the Mughal style (the curve oriented – traditional one), and along with the other structures gives sight of the architectural wonders and styles of India that date back from long ago. These styles are still present in the new architectural constructions.

This metropolis was once the midpoint, the centre of the North Indian Muslim state. It was built as one great fortress retreat, but unluckily only memories stay within these amazing stone monuments today.
Like it had only one purpose, to serve only for that period of time and be a seat for one great kingdom, and preserve the memories of that golden age within the buildings that still remain not allowing for someone else to rule there again.

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