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Camping Stove – How to Make your own in a Couple of Minutes

How many times you’ve found in a situation where you’re in a certain place, and you’re planning on camping, but have forgotten your little camping stove and you’re not able to make your tea or coffee.


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But luckily you’ve got your soda or beer can with you. That’s something you mustn’t forget of course. Well, then don’t worry. After emptying the beer can you can easily transform it into a small camping stove you can use a long time from then on. You wouldn’t need to carry the big camping stove anymore. Just pack this small can and a small bottle of pure alcohol (also known as medical alcohol) with you and your worries for boiling will be over. It wouldn’t take you much space. But the possibility to forget it is still inevitable, only this time you shouldn’t worry about it, but there’s always space to make a new one in only a couple of minutes.

Items you Need for Camping Stove

The only items you’ll need for the preparation will be one tin (no matter a beer can or a soda can), a knife and a pair of scissors (but it’s not obligatory, you can always use the knife only).
The procedure of cutting the tin and the size of the tin is given in the video from below, and after preparing this whole thing, the next step is to put some alcohol in it and light it up. No fire or sparkles will move around if you avoid blowing into the improvised stove, so don’t worry if you’re in an open space, you can’t harm the environment as long as you do this on a wet surface or a stone or dirt surface. And the fire is later easy to turn off. Just use a plastic can and put it over the improvised stove. You can use the same plastic can as a storage place for your tiny but practical stove.

It will definitely serve you if you’re on a travel adventure and you’ve forgotten to take the camping stove. This video will help you learn how to easily make your stove and then use it for the rest of the trip. It is really easy to make, don’t worry. I bet everyone carries a pocket knife along.

Choose your Camping Stove Size

You can even make your stove the preferable size. The bigger it is, the more alcohol fuel you’ll have to use in order to light it up and to be practical. The size given in the video is one preferable size that will help you boil or fry something on it. Also, another important thing is that the quantity of the alcohol depends on the thing you want to heat. If you’re planning on preparing a meal and you should use a bit more alcohol than shown in the video. And the alcohol that stays after the flame is turned off can be restored back again in the same bottle where it came from and can be reused over and over again.

You will get to use a stove that costs you almost nothing.
Very cool and witty invention don’t you think.
Then stop thinking how to heat your water for tee next time you’re on camping, but remember how this little stove was made a make one for yourself. It will serve you during your whole camping time and the whole adventure trip you’ve planned.

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