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The Answer of the biggest Question and Human Kind Dilemma is Found… How the Pyramids were Constructed?

This is probably the only question that wasn’t answered so far. How were they built, and what is even more important, how were those heavy stone blocks brought to the construction place, when the only means of transport they knew of was their feet. Many have tried to find answers how the pyramids were constructed, but no one managed to find the precise ones even though there were many guessing and suggestions connected to this.

01-how the pyramids were constructed via flickr by David Stanley licensed CC BY 2.0

The science is searching for the right answer for a long time now, and wants to disapprove the believing about the alien background and genesis of these wonders.

The truth though is far more impressive and shows the witty mind of the constructor even in that period of time.
Let’s take the great pyramid of Giza for example, or more known as the Pyramid of Cheops, which is the last of the Seven World Wonders of the Ancient World. It is actually 4500 years old, and represents a tomb of King Khufu (Cheops in Greek), the emperor of the fourth Egyptian dynasty. The many studies about it showed that it is built by using 2.4 million limestone stone blocks, each of them around 2.5 tons heavy. And it took 20 years to build the largest pyramid in the world.

But still, nowadays there is something bothering the scientists, how did those heavy stones arrived at the place so that this pyramid is built, and this counts for the other pyramids as well. Since the stones had to be moved from the stone pit to Cairo and it is not easy to move a stone that big and heavy on your back.
Different scientists come out with different ideas, but the most accepted and logical one so far is that – The stones had to be rolled up on the road to Cairo.

Actually, this idea appeared a long time ago, but it was believed that the stones were put in huge cylinders and then rolled up, but this way they must have left some serious road damages due to the heavy construction rolling up. And there were no archaeological proves that stand behind this hypothesis of Dick Parry.

03-how the pyramids were constructed via flickr by Bruno Girin licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

That’s why the scientist continued to search for other answers. They calculated that the workers moved approximately 40 blocks a day, that’s how they concluded that the cylinder was not the appropriate means of transport they used, that way there might have appeared another engineer logistics so far, that was used to repair the road damage after the transport was made.

So now scientists knew the way where to search and find something that would lower up the pressure on the roads and at the same time enable an easier transport. A physician, by the name Joseph West, from the Indiana University has found the most appropriate way to prove the way of this transport and how the pyramids were constructed.

The idea is actually pretty simple. They used special and light wooden beams and placed them around the stone blocks (like demonstrated in the photo 3 beams from each side). The whole construction gets a new dodecagonal shape like this and applies less pressure to the ground. And afterwards, it was easy to roll the stone to the construction pit.

West has tried this idea of his using a heavy concrete block around 30 kg, and concluded that to make a movement there should be a force that is equal to 0.15 times the weight of the stone. For example, a stone that is 2.5 tons heavy might have been moved by around 50 hard working people in a second.

How the Pyramids were Constructed

02-how the pyramids were constructed via hypescience

But the hard work and the sweat these workers left there while constructing these masonries were worthy. Back then, they had other meanings, and served as tombs where the mummified kings and queens were placed. And nowadays, after so many years the pyramids are still on the top of world attractions.

What amazes me the most is the fact that the architecture was so developed even back then and so much effort was put in the building process of these amazing world wonders?

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