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Have You Heard of The Turtle cab? No, it’s Not a Cartoon

You must think that I’m joking. Only, I’m not. There is a taxi company in Japan with turtle cab that make slow drives only.  This sounds a bit absurd, since Japan is one of the busiest places on Earth, but it’s true and this company unlike the other cab companies offers a drive over for the people that are not in a hurry.

Turtle Cab

It seems surprising, but many people are utilizing the service of the slowest cab in the world, whose popularity is constantly growing since the start in December 2013. This service was brought by Sanwa Kotsu Group, that at first transformed 10 from their existing 500 cars into turtle vehicles and have trained the drivers in a special manner, to drive as gentle as possible and slow as well.

2-turtle cab  source

Slowest cab in the world

When a passenger gets into a turtle cab, he/she needs to press the Yukkuri button, which means slow, and squeezing the button will trigger off a smooth and pleasant melody which is a sign for the driver to slow down the movement.

This service is especially popular among the elder people, the mother-to-Bens’, or the parents with little kids, and also the tourists that want to take a better look on everything that is surrounding them during the drive.

1-turtle cab  source

Don’t forget to try this service next time you arrive in Tokyo or another city that offer this service (like Kanagawa or Saitava). Experience a slow drive and enjoy seeing the city from a different perspective, and at a slower pace.

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