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Hand Gestures that are Useful While you are Travelling Abroad

Hand Gestures in Different Countries

When we go in other countries we should be very careful on that which hand gestures use them. The same hand gestures has different meaning in different countries. In one for example can have positive meaning while in other you can have problems by using it. So if you don’t want to offend them, you should read this article very carefully.

The OKAY gesture in some countries like USA, Canada, UK means pleasure and enjoyment. Opposite these countries, in Brazil if we turn this gesture upside down it can have negative connotation very similar to that of the finger salute.

The HORN FINGERS gesture is a sign that characterizes the rockers. In USA this sign indicates acceptance. While if you are in Italy, Spain, Colombia or Portugal if you show this gesture to a man, it means that his wife is swindling him.

The FINGERS ALL TOGETHER gesture in Italy means: What do you like? In the Democratic Republic of Congo this gesture means small quantity. In Turkey this means that something is beautiful for example a clothes or food. In Egypt with this sign you will show that you will be there only a minute.

The THUMBS UP gesture in USA, Australia, UK, Russia and Canada means acceptance. Hand gestures in other countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, West Africa, Latin America this sign has negative meaning and is similar to that of up yours.

Different meaning of gestures in different countries

The CROSSED FINGERS gesture in many countries is used to wish somebody good luck. While in Vietnam this is a salacious sign and also according them it looks like female genitals.

The V SIGN is the sign of the hippies and in USA this means peace. But in NZ, Australia, UK and Ireland it means disobedience or mischief against the authority.

The COME HERE: In countries like USA, Australia, UK, Canada means to come here. In Philippines this is very offensive gesture because is intended for dogs.

The POINT: In Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Austria it means number two. While in China 8. In Italy it means something no good.

The DOWNWARDS PALM WAVE: In Australia, USA, UK and Canada this gesture means to force somebody out. On the other side in Philippines, Ghana, Vietnam and India is opposite and means: Come here.

The CHIN FLICK: In Belgium, France and Tunisia by usage of this sign you can tell that you are completely uninterested about something, or if you want to tell somebody to get lost. In Italy it means: I don’t care.

Try using less gestures to avoid being misunderstood

The FIST AND ELBOW: This sign means ungenerous in countries like Mexico and South America. In Germany and Austria means that the listener or receiver of the sign is stupid and the person who show this sign hold his/her brain in the elbow.

The FOREHEAD FIST: In Brazil this sign indicates foolishness and dullness.

The THUMB IN A FIST: In Canada, Australia and UK this is a funny gesture that adults make to the children with aim that they have stolen children’s nose. But in Turkey this gesture has negative meaning and presents something cheeky.

The OUTWARD HAND: In Africa, Greece and Pakistan this gesture has an offensive meaning.

The AWKWARD TURTLE: With this sign in USA is shown how one’s goof caused social shame.
Try to remember those that will use you in the country where you travel. In case you don’t remember them try not to use gestures at all.


Source :  Language Mastery


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