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Guide of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Guide of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city in Croatia, Dalmatia situated on the Atlantic sea. This town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region. The population is nearly 42.615. The prosperity of Dubrovnik is due to the maritime trade. In the 15th century Dubrovnik became very powerful, wealthy and with notable diplomacy. Dubrovnik became the first touristic destination after the construction of the hotel Imperial in 1897. Dubrovnik is also regarded as the one of the 10 preserved medieval cities in the world. After the fall of Yugoslavia, Dubrovnik suffered a great deconstruction and damage due to the shelling.

No matter how many times you have visited Dubrovnik, every time you go you will be enchanted from its beauty. You can go visit the old town with its marble streets, baroque buildings or the ancient city walls that have protected this sophisticated republic for centuries. Although Dubrovnik suffered a great damage from the shelling it soon came back with its characteristics to enchant and attract numerous numbers of visitors. Very important feature of Dubrovnik is its walls that are around the city and long almost 2 km. The walls are high six meters and on the seaward side are thinner.

These walls were built to protect the city from imposters and are a popular filming place for a lot of fictional films. George B. Shaw had said that those who want to see the paradise on earth should come in this town and they will surely find it. This city is the favored destination for the presidents, diplomats- the royalty of the countries. The Pope John Paul due to its fascination with Dubrovnik became an honorary citizen. Dubrovnik is the heritage of Croatia because it is one of the centers for the development of the Croatian language and literature. It is also home for many famous poets, painters, physicians, mathematicians and other scientists.

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Dubrovnik has a lot to offer from bars, restaurants to museums and churches. There are a lot of things worth visiting in this town, so if you come here you mustn’t leave until you have visited it all. This will take you probably a lot of time but we assure you that it will be worth it. Here are the guide of Dubrovnik that you must pay attention if you come to Dubrovnik.

Top 5 Sights


There are places for shopping in Dubrovnik, depending on what you are looking for to buy. Although Dubrovnik is not the number one shopping destination there are some surprises. You can have memorable shopping experience around the open air markets which are in the old town and sell fruit, vegetable and also dried lavender and cheese. There are also good small shops, where you can find designers clothes. Mainly Dubrovnik is known for its embroidery, which comes from Konavle and are used for decorating dresses, aprons, skirts. In Dubrovnik are sold first-rate products like olive oil, vine, rakija, jellies and dried food. In Dubrovnik there are only few local boutiques which sell designers clothes and most of the locals take shopping trips to Italy to get the latest Italian fashion.

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The best boutiques in Dubrovnik are located in the old town. The prices are high but the cloths are unique and original. The places where you need to go for shopping are the markets, shopping malls and boutiques. Souvenir shops have taken over Dubrovnik, so if you want to buy ceramic mug for someone, then Dubrovnik is the right place for shopping. Those who want to take something to remember that they have been to Dubrovnik, here you can find a huge range of traditional crafts sold on the streets or in the stores located in the narrow valleys of the old town. One of the authentic local products is the jewelry. Jewelry is important part of the local costume and also important part in the local family rituals, when female children received earrings at important stages in their life like baptism. In the next section will be explained the best places to go shopping.

Popular City Hotels                           

In Dubrovnik you can find everything, from luxury to cheap hotels. Dubrovnik is not enormous city but the accommodation is located all over the city, and there is only limited accommodation in the area of the old city. Ploce, which is located east of the old town, has waterfront hotels while Pile on the other side of the town has good private apartments. But if your desire is to combine beach vacation with city stay consider the Lapad peninsula, which is located west of the town 4 km.

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The bus connections are very good so you won’t feel cut out from the town. There are a lot of places for swimming and sunbathing so you can go every day on a different one. But be careful when you pick your hotel because star ratings are very differently across the world so be prepared to be disappointed if you don’t get what you have expected.

Here is a list of 10 cheap hotels in Dubrovnik:

10 expensive hotels in Dubrovnik:

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10 luxurious villas

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Popular Spa and Beauty

Guests who pay short visits, but also for those that pay longer visits to Dubrovnik it is essential for them to feel relaxed, good and their bodies be full with energy and strength.

01-Guide of Dubrovnik

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Besides taking long walks by the sea the guests want to rejuvenate their bodies enjoying in the baths of ancient times. People who want the best, they will find the perfect blend of old and new in Dubrovnik.

Popular Clubs and Bars

As it is one of the world’s most attractive destinations Dubrovnik offers a lot of bars and clubs where you can have the best time. It offers interesting as well as adventurous places for spending the night. When the night falls over this beautiful city a slow change happens and all people seek place where they can have good party. Dubrovnik is the right place for that because it offers unique, special places where you won’t regret that you went. The centre for the party happenings is in the walled core of Dubrovnik- the City and it has been like that since a long time ago.

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The nightlife in this town starts every night after sundown, when the people get out of their homes and walk down the main street. First most of them do a walk around the centre and then go to get one or two drinks to warm up in some of the many bars or clubs depending on their wishes. Most of the bars are small and cozy. Because most of the bars are small, they can’t fit all the people inside, so there are a lot of people who stand in front of the bar and crowd the street waiting for the waiter to come and bring them a drink. The bars and clubs fork until 1 am but some of them have extended working hours until a police comes and warns them that it is time to close. This is a list of the best and most visited places in Dubrovnik.



How can we get to Dubrovnik?

One of the main issues of travelers has always been how to get to Dubrovnik. They want to know what it is the simplest way to get there and how much do they need to spend.

02-Guide of Dubrovnik

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Next will be presented useful answers you can use the next time you go to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik can be reached by bus, ship, plane or car. You can’t get to Dubrovnik by train, the closest place to Dubrovnik you can go by train is Ploce. 

Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has to offer a lot of restaurants, from those restaurants which specialties are seafood, those that serve international dishes and those that serve home Dalmatian specialties. Although Dubrovnik is expensive city, there are restaurants that have reasonable prices that every common man can afford.

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But there are also highly priced restaurants, but they are worth visiting because they offer the most delicious meals and breathtaking views over the landscapes of the city. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik, which you must visit if you are there.

Tips for Travelers

With almost 1.200 islands, crystal waters and picturesque nature Croatia attracts more and more travelers every year. In the year 2012 Croatia was the fastest growing destination, luring travelers into going to national parks, adventure sports and the most beautiful place which is also a UNESCO heritage the medieval

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Old Town of Dubrovnik. It also attracts a lot of travelers from USA due to the domestic currency kuna which is closer to the dollar than the euro. Although Dubrovnik is a big touristic destination it has its does and don’ts.


Dubrovnik is the right place to have a good time; you just need the right time. There are a lot of spectacular events at New Year’s Eve that will stay in your mind forever. Dubrovnik is among the seven most attractive locations for spending New Year’s Eve due to the quality of entertainment, food beverages and accommodation. Dubrovnik also offers Summer Festivals, Masquerades. A lot of channels try to give the viewers a glimpse of Dubrovnik at New Year’s Eve, the night when the city becomes a body of thousands dancing in a single rhythm.

03-Guide of Dubrovnik

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There has been introduced a new dimension of tourism where locals, Italians, Germans, Slovenians and British together count down the last seconds before New Year’s Eve under the Bell Tower waiting for Baro and Maro to strike midnight. Every night has its importance but the night of July 10th has special magic and importance. Dubrovnik presents the opening on the Summer Festival that you mustn’t miss it. This summer festival from 1950 has been held in the new theater, surrounded by the renaissance architecture of the town. This festival has brought new atmosphere to the town and it has become one of the Dubrovnik’s best entertainments.

10 Top Tours Around Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a lot to offer, but if you get tired of exploring Dubrovnik you can go on a tour of the surrounding places of Dubrovnik in order further to explore the area. Here is a list of the 10 recommended tours, which is preferable for you to visit.

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Deals for Visiting Dubrovnik and it’s Monuments

When you visit new places it is very convenient to have opportunity to use some of the discounts locals know about, and arrange your stay in great deals, many of us visiting new places are seriously interested about

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