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Greek Islands, The Best Beaches Spotted this Summer

Porto Katsiki - Lefkada island - Ionian islands - Greece.

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Kathisma Beach, Lefkada Island

Kathisma Beach is another beautiful beach on Lefkada. It was previously regarded as the favourite beach for nudists and campers. But now it offers a cosmopolitan look, and with the many bars, restaurants and sunbeds it drags the attention to all who want to relax on the beach with a drink in the hands.  The beach is furnished with sand and white pebbles. And every time there are southwest winds, they make such performance with huge waves by the seaside in which tourists enjoy playing.

via Flickr, by Sofia Gk, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Glyfada Beach, Corfu Island, Greek Islands Travel

Moving to another Island, Corfu. Glyfada is a beach on the northwest side of the island where you can experience a wonderful scenery with a wonderful nature, oily trees, crystal clear water and small bays. The seafronts are organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and plenty of bars and restaurants where you can relish a day sunbathing or swimming in the crystal and warm water. Other activities that can be performed here are scuba diving or boating to the nearest islands and explore the isolated beaches and caves in the western coastline.

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Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxoi, Group of Greek Islands

Right in the heart of the Ionian Sea is placed Antipaxoi, a group of Greek islands and islets, at the bottom of Corfu. Voutoumi is a beach on the north side of the small island and is looking straight at the islands of Paxos and the coastline of Parga. This island is a real tropical paradise, replete with green hills and white sandy beaches that go forward in that crystal blue infinity. Antipaxoi is easily accessible with a motor boat or sailing boat and the best place to visit if you’re making a trip in that area.

 via Flickr, by Sean Perry, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Myrhtos beach, Kefalonia island

Kefalonia is another famous of the Greek Islands. And it has the most photographed beaches, with Myrhtos as the most famous one in this list. And it is not considered like this without a reason. There are some wonderful views that can be spotted everywhere you move. Whatever you have photographed it will turn as an amazing photo. Following the road to Agkonas you should turn towards the turquoise sea you will experience such idyllic spectacle of the beach that can be found no where in the world. And if you desire to enjoy a peaceful morning surrounded by those white cliffs and enjoy the sound of the sea only, you should come early in the morning and have the beach all to yourself, before other tourists invade it. It will be an unforgettable experience where you come in touch with nature and relax all your senses. Everything seems even better when you come nearer.

 via Flickr, by Tony Hisgett, license CC BY 2.0

Assos Beach, Kefalonia island

Just before Myrtos beach, you will pass by Assos. It is amphitheatrically built village having small taverns where you can taste the rich and traditional Greek cuisine, and hotels that will offer you accommodation to spend the night in. It is a picturesque spot, with a deep story behind. And a peaceful place as well, where you can enjoy your vacation far from the noise and the crowd that can be seen at the more famous tourist attractions around Kefallonia. Enjoy a relaxed tropical holiday.

via Flickr, by Rachid H, license CC BY-NC 2.0

Pack up your bags and go for a magnificent dream holiday. One of these Greek islands can be yours. And why not all of them. Make a sailing adventure by choosing Greece with the variety of beautiful Greek islands your starting point. Choose a vacation in paradise. And move from one to another tropical surprise every day. Don’t leave this to be your dream only, but make an effort and realize it. The world is waiting to be explored, and these Greek islands are waiting for you to make some photos on it, and for you to feel the white sand on your bare feet, or take a dip in the warm Ionian Sea. What more do you really need?


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