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The Ghost Town Kolmanskop – A Perfect Setting For A Horror Movie

Located in the Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa, this ghost town Kolmanskop got the name after the transport driver Johnny Coleman. And the translation of the name of the city Kolmanskop – in Afrikaans means Coleman’s Hill. This city was once a very vivid and rich place, thanks to the diamond mine that was discovered there in 1908. It was built in a German style and presented a nice and a lavish place to live in.

Once a Lavish Place, Now Ghost Town Kolmanskop

Germans inhabited the area from 1884 – 1915. And when I say that the place was vivid and lavish I don’t mean about the appeal on the houses, but it really had everything for that time, even though it was small.  There was a hospital, theatre, ice factory, sport hall, casino, a school, a bowling alley and many other buildings too that could brag with extravagance. Also, not to forget to mention the remarkable fact that the first X-ray station on the South was located nowhere else but here.



But in 1954 the mine deposits started lowering and everything that was found there was used, that so from then this place was abandoned and left to the mercy of the sand storms and the ravages of time.

Abandoned Ghost Town Kolmanskop

Today, it is still abandoned even half a century later, and because of the fact that is sited in the centre of the Namib Desert in Southern Namibia, the sand has settled in the previously gorgeous buildings and homes that still survive here. Everything around and inside is covered with sand only, which brings about the whole creepy look of the place.


by Damien du Toit from Cape Town, South Africa (Kolmanskop ghost town Uploaded by calliopejen1)  image, license CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


However, it is a perfect setting for filming a horror movie here. I wonder how no movie director has thought about this so far. It is in the middle of the desert surrounded by sand only, and there are houses that are in a running process and look really spooky from the outside and inside too. You never know what can appear from that sandy ground! Well, then what are you waiting for?



There are even guided tours throughout this deteriorated town, for all the interested tourists in the rich history of the whole place. Some might expect to find a piece of diamond left buried under the huge detritus. Don’t expect to find anything else except sand.

By User:GIRAUD Patrick (Own work) image, license CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Use the time that is left, since this town is slowly sinking and there won’t take much time for the sand to swallow the whole town. It already has swallowed a third of it, in the upcoming years, it might even not exist anymore on the map of the world. And still in many years’ from now it might be a great discovery and serve as a great archaeological wonder.


 image by jbdodane, license CC BY-NC 2.0


Namibie Kolmannskuppe Photographie prise par GIRAUD Patrick  image, by Calips, license CC BY 2.5


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