Fun Facts About the Caribbean

If you want to give yourself a treat like a god than you should visit the Caribbean, a magical place created by the Mother Nature for pure pleasure. Here is all about the sun, the sea and the long walk on the beach, drinking coconuts or enjoying in the taste of fresh fish.

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The Caribbean region in Central America has around 7,000 beautiful islands and even a better Caribbean Sea. The name Caribbean comes from the ethnic group Caribbean, the largest group of American natives in the region.

Caribbean are home of thousands beautiful islands are surrounded by rich blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and humble turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea on the other side. The culture of the people of the Caribbean is perhaps one of careless and relaxed world. Maybe the white sandy beaches and crystal waters are the reason for the careless spirit of Caribbean fishermen.

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Little bays, amazing hills, charming tropical bars, azure sea, lovely gardens, sailing and exploring the islands, wild life that will leave you speechless and view that will take your breath away…are just few on the many reason why you need to visit the Caribbean.

This spiritual place of fun, dance, food and hedonism is place on many cultures, interesting creatures, old traditions and amazing nature. These the best fact about this magical place on the Earth.
One of the most interesting facts about the Caribbean is that almost all its inhabitants are descendants of African slaves. They were bought and brought here to work in sugar factories opened in the region, and when slavery was abolished they stayed in these heavenly conditions.

The Caribbean food is mix of African, Spanish, Chinese and East Indonesian cuisine, often with a touch of the cuisines from the rest of the world. Their kitchen offers a truly unique blend of flavors where spices, different kinds of herbs and hot peppers that are great addition, but not all guests love that chili flavor.
Only 2 per cent of the numerous Caribbean Islands are inhabited.

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The island of Antigua, which belongs to the Lesser Antilles has 365 beaches, or one for every day of the year.

The largest coral reef in the western hemisphere is located off the coast of Belize and extends to about 300 km in length.

Grenada, known as the spice island, has more spices per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world. Imagine how it smells? The most exotic aroma in the world.
The lovely, fun and colorful Jamaica is the largest of all the islands in the Anglophone Caribbean and it has 120 rivers.

Agent James Bond loves the Caribbean. The first James Bond – John Connery lived in the Bahamas, and scenes from movies Dr.No, Thunderball, Live and Let Die, Golden Eye and Casino Royale were filmed on these amazing islands.

Jamaica has more Olympic gold medals from Portugal, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Singapore and Kuwait combined. Jamaica participated in the Olympic Games 16 times. We all love the legendary movie Jamaica Bob sledge team based on true story.

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So, if you want an amazing and unforgettable experience full with exotic flavors, stunning beaches and incredible nature along with troubled history, than the Caribbean islands are the place you must visit.

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