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Food of Insects Soon to Hit Dutch Grocery Stores

The traditional list of edibles on which the most popular are the bread, milk and the milk products, is soon about to change in the Netherlands. The chain of supermarkets, Jumbo, is announcing that they are about to launch their new products food of insects only.


Food of Insects  source


The customers in two North cities will be able to purchase rolls, burgers and even chips made of insects. Starting next year this company is planning to exhibit these bug products in 400 other markets around the state.

Healthy Food of Insects

The food of insects are not just safe to eat, but very healthy too. – This is the statement of the press secretary of Jumbo – Lora Walks.

Even though there are several products on the market that include insects in their ingredients all over the Netherlands, still Jumbo is the first national chain of markets that will offer products made of worms, a moth larva and many other insects by the price of 5,95 -6,79 Euros per portion.




You will be able to choose between a salty or paprika taste chips made of bugs.

United Nations Insects Can Be Safe for Eating

The United Nations organization for food and agriculture is appealing to all the customers to be more receptive to these innovations, and the whole matter of consuming insects, since it can be very safe and ecologically acceptable source of nutrient.

There are many nations around the world that are consuming insects daily and in some places the food prepared with insects are even a Speciality and a traditional dish.



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