Flying: Revealing 12 Most Intriguing Mysteries

We all love to fly and enjoy the adrenaline rush when the plane suddenly accelerates and takes off. From that moment on, nothing keeps us firmly to the ground. However, did you know that pilots, flight attendants and a whole society of professionals keep secrets from us, the passengers, hoping we will never find out the truth…

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1. Did you know that from the moment when the oxygen masks open you have only 15 minutes of oxygen? That is enough time for the pilot to bring the plane to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally.

2. Why should you remove the batteries from your children’s toys? If your toy accidentally starts to vibrate, the staff may force you to open your bag.

3. The real reason why the lights go out at night on the way down is that your eyes should adjust to the dark if something goes wrong and you need to evacuate.

4. Did you know that every once in while lightings strike aircrafts in flight and you do not even notice? Maybe we should have kept this one a secret.

5. Did you know that plane toilets can be unlocked from the outside? Do not think that you can stay locked and do naughty things because there is a very easy way to break in.

6. Did you know if the pilots on the plane have a back-up meal in case of food poisoning?

7. If an accident occurs during the flight, most commercial aircrafts can fly with only one operating engine.

8. There is still no scientific explanation on why we should turn off our cell phones during taking off and landing.

9. Nobody leaves the stewardesses a tip? Why? If you leave a tip the waitress at the coffee shop, it is the same case with the woman who looks after your safety and caters to your needs up in the skies.

10. Planes who have lost both engines can still stay in the air for a relatively long time. That’s why landing and take-off are the most critical parts of the flight.

11. Water in the planes is very dirty. Some of the planes are more than 50 years old, and so are their water tanks, which have almost never been cleaned.

12. Why toilets on planes still have ashtrays? Although smoking is banned, experts have concluded that, although it is forbidden, those who break the rules should have a safe place dispose of their cigarette stubs.

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