These Five Beaches are Natural Wonder

Beach…we all love to lie down on the warm sand, to feel the breeze in the air or just to dive in the crystal clear sea water. Swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, beach volleyball, palm trees and coconuts, lots of fun under the sun!

Beaches are like small piece of the heaven on Earth, a place where one can relax their mind, body and soul while enjoying in the smell of the sea, the white sand and the waves.
Summer is perfect for hitting the beach, because all you need to do is dive in when the sun is up in the sky and it is so hot!

In this amazing world you can find so many different beaches, but only few of them are so special that we can call then natural wonders. Can you imagine green or pink beach or one hidden from the eyes of the tourists? Today we will present to you the most unusual, strange, but absolutely stunning beaches around the world. These beaches offer something more unusual and beautiful landscapes that the human eye cannot resist.

The Hidden Beach in Mexico

In the heart of the Marietta Island in Mexico you can find this amazing beach, hidden from the crowd. It is not a typical natural wonder, but it is so stunning, we had to put it on the list.
This beach with crystal clear water and white sand that creates an idyllic paradise has a surprising past –this amazing place is a result of a roadside bomb.

via hellegraaberg

The Mexican government used the Marietta islands as a place for testing their weapons before WWI. Although the bombs blasts are usually associated with disasters and tragedy, here you can see unusual fascinating scenery created to enjoy.

Beach Away from the Sea in Spain

The beach Gulpiyuri located not far from Lanes, a town in northern Spain around 100 meters from the Caribbean Sea. With a length of about 40 meters, surrounded by cliffs and caves in its bay penetrate the ocean waters. It is a miracle of nature, a popular tourist destination and a national monument.

via flickr by Alexandra G. Fúnez licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Natural Wonder of Hawaii, Green Beach

Papakolea Beach in Hawaii is true natural phenomenon that will leave you speechless. We are used to white sand and blue sea, but this one, is green. The beach has this unusual coloras a result of the presence of crystal olivine that was formed by volcanic explosion many years ago.

via flickr by Cleber Mori licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

Natural Wonder of Bahamas, Pink Beach

Did you know that the sand at the Bahamas is pink? The sand got this color because of the small organisms that grow in coral reefs and paint the bottom of the ocean. Along with small bits of coral and shells ocean water touches the shores, and when mixed with sand it gets the pink glow. This pink beach is located between two bays and coral reefs creating a poetic landscape that is simply irresistible.

via flickr by solarnu licensed CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Natural Wonder of China, Red Beach

When we think of a beach, we think about the white sand and the blue water. But, there is a beach when the sand is red. Panjin, known as the red beach in China is an amazing natural phenomenon. It has red color as a result of the aquatic reeds Sueda, native in this region. The reeds grow in April and May, and during the summer season are green.

05- Panjin, Red Beach, China-1_Natural Wonder via tecmillenials

In fall, they go red, painting the whole beach and make it look like out of this world. Because it is such a natural wonder, it is closed for tourists.

So, if you want to see these amazing natural wonders, may be you can book you next trip for one of these incredible stunning places.

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