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Find Out Which Is the Worst Airport in the World

Have you been to the worst airport in the world?

Are you part of that group of people that are constantly travelling, and have passed many airports from all over the world? Some are more and some are less beautiful. But there are some that will surprise you with the bad conditions that exists behind the walls. Bellow you can find out which are the worst airport in the world for 2014.

 image source via cnn

You must be wondering now, what airport is the worst one in the world. Well, the airport in the Pakistan’s city Islamabad is proclaimed the worst airport in the world, and with that it has achieved to take the place of the airport in Manila that was previously holding the first place on this not very famous list.

Many things being taken in consideration for the list

The list was made on by the site “ The guide to sleeping in airports”. It is based on several features that should be priorities in these places, like the comfort, cleanness and the client services. One passenger describes this airport as a central prison, due to the aggressive security check-ups, the constant throngs and the low hygiene levels.

 image source via cnn

In the last 10 years there have been constant complaints about the bad conditions in the airport. But it seems that these sayings and complains will come to an end when the brand new airport opens. It is expected to be completed till the middle of 2016.

The international airport of Ninoy Aquino in Manila took the fourth place this year, after the long three years when it was in the first place. The reason it is on the list is because of the huge throngs and the ventilation issues.

The list of the 10 worst airport in the world

Here is a complete list of the worst airports in the world for this 2014.

  1. Islamabad, “ Benazir Bhutto” in Pakistan
  2. Jeddah, “ King Abdulaziz”, Saudi Arabia;
  3. Kathmandu, „ Tribhuvan“, Napoli;
  4. Manila, „ Ninoy Aquino“, The Phillipines;
  5. Tashkent, Uzbekistan;
  6. Paris, “ Beauvais- Tille”, France;
  7. Frankfurt, “ Hahn” Germany;
  8. Bergamo, “ Orio al Serio”, Italy
  9. Berlin, “ Tegel”, Germany;
  10. New York, La Guardia”, USA.

Try and avoid these airports if you bear the chance and don’t experience the tough conditions they provide. You’ll be surprised how these International airports, located in such powerful cities can have so low care of their airports.

 image source via cnn

Which airports of the above mentioned ones have you visited, and what is your rating of them?

Do they really deserve to be on this list?


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