What Does Your Favorite Destination Tell About You? (Part 2)

We all have some ultimate travel destination, but you will be surprised what your choices speak of you:

ParisYou are the greatest of romantics, enjoy everything fine in life. You can wonder endlessly through the countless museums and indulge in fine dining.

Paris-01-1 via urbansplatter

CanadaYou are probably a fan of hockey, and in case you visit Canada there is no chance of missing a game or two. Winter and snow are a bonus you gladly enjoy.

via tourist-destinations

AmsterdamYou are a frivolous party-lover, with a culture-buff note. You won’t miss a visit to a world renowned museum or the Heineken brewery.

via wikimedia by Massimo Catarinella licensed CC-BY-SA-3.0

GreeceYour perfect holiday consists of a good balance between sightseeing and sunbathing at the beach, but also good food and crazy parties. Greece offers the best all-inclusive package in terms of your demand.

via spirostaverna

BaliYou are like the Julia Roberts’ character from Eat, Pray, Love – you’ve decides to make dramatic changes to your life and you full-heartedly accept new adventures.

via travelization



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