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Most Beautiful Villages, European Tours ( Part Two)

Amazing European Tours

Europe has some of the most beautiful villages, which are really worth visiting, they are part of some of the most beautiful part of Europe, and are part of the so called European Tours. We present you just small part of those amazing villages

Bibury, England – European tour trip

This is a picturesque village in southwest England and one of the most beautiful villages in Bibury. Surrounded with meadows, ancient stone cottages and sharp roofs make this village marvelous. Also there are unique cottages which are sepia hued built in the 17th century.. The villages center is a square around the Saxon church St Mary’s. Inside there are many replicas of Saxon remains and the original ones can be found in the British Museum. One of the favorite villages tourist destinations is the River Colin one of the natural beauties of this village is rich with fish especially with trout.

via Flickr, by Musa GÜLEÇ, license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Folegandros, Greece

This village resembles the architecture of Santorini- whitewashed buildings decorated with colorful flowers, streets paved in slate, Greek orthodox church with blue arcade. If the people want to go for a swim there is a track which leads to Katergo which has a lot of beautiful beaches with clean blue waters and big waves which hit the shore. It is closed to cars or motorcycles and has a one of a kind center which consists of three squares in a row. Under its trees people can enjoy, eat in quiet. The village offers relaxing romantic atmosphere while the gentle breeze perfume passes through the air.

via Flickr, by Carlos Mejía Greene, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Albarracín, Spain

This village has a piece of the remains of the medieval Spain .It is surrounded by the hills of central Aragon region and it is famous for its ancient stone towers and ocher chapels and castles.. There is also a cathedral built in Mudéjar style with detailed ornamentation from the Islamic art. It is beautiful to take a morning walk along the Godavari River. Because the city is on a mountain the river circles the city. A walk way is especially designed with wooden bridges to make the village more attractive.

via Flickr, by José Luis Mieza, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Pučiśća, Croatia

Croatia has developed truism which is due to the charms of Dubrovnik and the ancient village Hvar. A large number of tourists go to these places but Pučiśća on the island of Brač is not as visited as the previous places. It is a village near the sea with white stone villas, terracotta roofs, narrow stone streets and the stone square. It attracts the visitors with the stone houses with paved roofs. There are also many places for swimming in the turquoise Croatian waters. It is also one of the biggest results on the Brac Island. Adrenaline addicts can go scuba-diving, water skiing or cycling.

via Flickr, by Zeljko Marcec, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Bled, Slovenia

Small village in the shore of Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, which surrounds a tiny island and its Baroque church. In this village you can go for a hike, walk by the lake and visit the castle. Villages specialties are cremeschnitte, which is a pastry filled with cream and custard that has been served a long time at the Hotel Park. With its iconic fairy tale church and the tiny rock island Bled will certainly stay forever in your memory. It has been a long time a destination for people who want to relax and also those who want to trek on the mountain or take a tour on horseback.

via Flickr, by Mike Porter, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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