European Cities: The Guide to Free Attractions

London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam are the preferred destinations among young people all over Europe because there are plenty of very cheap or even free attractions, which is always beneficial for the travel budget.
Take a look at the list of the best free things to do when in Europe:

1. Visit the Pere Lachaise cemetery, the eternal home of Marcel Proust and Jim Morrison.
2. Watch free movies in the park de la Villette.
3. Just like a fashion show – watch the Parisian fashionistas passing through Avenue Montaigne.
4. On Friday night’s visitors under 26 get a free entrance in the Louvre.
5. Visit the Parisian beach – play a game of beach volleyball on the banks of the Seine.

Paris with Love


1. Watch the passers on Piccadilly Circus.
2. Go to a free tour of London celebrities.
3. Visit the London Tower with Yeoman Warder.
4. Visit the British Museum, one of the best in the world.
5. Take a walk down the street of art in Covent Garden.



1. Enjoy the Spanish Steps (Scalinata di Spagna), a famous meeting place in Rome.
2. Every last Sunday of the month you have a free entrance to the Vatican.
3. Visit the old pagan temple, now turned into a church – the Pantheon.
4. Visit the oldest church in Rome, located on the St. Mary’s Square (Piazza Santa Maria).
5. Visit Fontana di Trevi and insert three coins into the water in order to return to the “Eternal City”.


1. Visit the Museum of the Civil Guard in the Kalverstraat.
2. Visit the unusual village in the 14th century – Begijnhof, located in the middle of Amsterdam.
3. Listen to classical music during lunchtime at the Concertgebouw and Muziektheater.
4. For 10 eurocents you can visit the magnificent gardens of the Rijksmuseum.
5. See Amsterdam from the water, taking a free ferry ride.

gardens of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam-03-2 PINTEREST via

1. Take a walk through the square at the Brandenburg Gate.
2. Visit the magnificent Reichstag, the seat of the German parliament.
3. Visit some of Berlin’s museums, known throughout the world.
4. Pay your respect to the victims of the Holocaust in the Memorial Center.
5. Visit the art galleries in Hackescher Markt, which offer a free entry.

Walk threw Brandenburg Gate, Berlin-01-1 PINTEREST via

1. Visit the La Sagrada Familia cathedral, which is a symbol of Barcelona.
2. Walk through the pedestrian zone – La Rambla and buy some flowers from the locals.
3. Visit the Museum of Pablo Picasso, which is free for students.
4. Enjoy the view of Barcelona from the hill of Montjuic.
5. Barceloneta Beach is not the most beautiful in the world, but a bit of sun and resting will certainly do you good.

La Sagrada Familia cathedral, Barcelona-01 PINTEREST via


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