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Where to Eat, Popular Restaurants in Milan

Popular Restaurants in Milan, To Eat Like Local

Milan is a city that won’t disappoint you in any regard. Whether the purpose of your visit is shopping, sightseeing, business or anything else, you will have a terrific experience. The city’s exceptional beauty is complemented by the great food restaurants offer. Italian food is popular everywhere in the world, and no place is better to have a delicious Italian dish than the country where it originates from. However, here you’ll try different cuisines in popular restaurants in Milan within all price ranges, so there’s no need to spend a fortune just to dine well.

03-Hana_Restaurant_Milan  image source via milanonotte

Da Vic, Popular Restaurants in Milan

Da Vic Restaurant in Centro Storico is an elegant and classy restaurant with a great choice of dishes and authentic Italian wine, all served in a cozy atmosphere. The prices are higher than normal, but considering everything they offer, it’s worth it.

01-Da_Vic_Restaurant_Milan Most Popular Restaurants in Milan  image source via davic

01-Da_Vic_Restaurant_Milan_1                image source via davic

Clandestino Restaurant in Milan

Clandestino is among the most popular restaurants in Milan for several reasons. Its chef is a two-times Michelin-starred chef whose Japanese food is prepared and served in a unique way. Although the dishes are Japanese, some of the ingredients are replaced with more Italian ones, giving them a one-of-a-kind taste.

02-Restaurant_Clandestino_Milan  image source via 2spaghi

Hana Restaurant in Milan

Hana Restaurant is the perfect place for you if you want to have some Japanese food, prepared by an experienced Japanese chef. However, don’t expect completely authentic dishes, even though they are prepared by original Japanese recipes. The price corresponds with the quality of meals you’ll get here.

03-Hana_Restaurant_Milan_3 Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan  image source via hanarestaurant

03-Hana_Restaurant_Milan_1, Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan  image source via milanonotte

03-Hana_Restaurant_Milan_2  image source via milanonotte

03-Hana_Restaurant_Milan_4  image source via hanarestaurant

Shannara 2 Restaurant in Milan

For a good seafood dish visit Shannara 2, located just a few kilometer from the city center. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff and will be pleased by the excellent service there. There’s quite a wide selection of seafood, each dish better than the previous one.

04-Shannara_2_Restaurant_Milan, Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan  image source via Facebook

04-Shannara_2_Restaurant_Milan_2  image source via Facebook

Cavabuscion Italian Restaurant, Milan

Cavabuscion is an Italian restaurant with great food and wine at reasonable prices. It’s fairly small, so you need to make a reservation beforehand, otherwise you might not get in. The service is practically flawless and the staff are very helpful.

05-Cavabuscion_Restaurant_Milan   image source via milanodasorseggiare

05-Cavabuscion_Restaurant_Milan-1  image source via milanodasorseggiare

Nerino Dieci Trattoria, Most Popular Restaurants in Milan

Nerino Dieci Trattoria is an all-Italian place, always packed with people and a friendly waiters. Each guest gets a glass of sparkling wine while waiting for the food. There’s a variety of dishes to choose from, with prices starting from 10 euro.

06-Nerino_Dieci_Trattoria_Milan_2 Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan  image source via livin-the-lifestyle

06-Nerino_Dieci_Trattoria_Milan Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan   image source via teatimeuk

06-Nerino_Dieci_Trattoria_Milan_1   image source via teatimeuk

Prog Restaurant, Part of The Popular Restaurants in Milan

If you are looking for a romantic, but cheap place to eat and drink, Prog is the one for you. They focus more on drinks, their cocktails being extraordinarily good. If you go during Happy Hour, you can get a drink and some Mediterranean food for just 10 euro.

07-Prog_Milan  image source via progmilano

Temakihno Brera Restaurant in Milan

Temakihno Brera offers an unusual mixture of  Brazilian juices and Japanese sushi. A medium-priced restaurant with pleasant atmosphere that is often quite crowded, so it’s best not to leave anything to chance and make a reservation.

08-Temakinho_Brera_Milan Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan   image source via puntarellarossa

08-Temakinho_Brera_Milan_1  image source via puntarellarossa

Tizzy’s NY Bar & Grill di Tizzy Beck

Tizzy’s NY Bar & Grill near Porta Ticinese will offer you a taste of the Big Apple in the heart of Milan. With burgers, salads and vegetarian food it has a bit of everything. Don’t forget to try the famous American cheese cake or their delicious brownies.

09-Tizzy's_N.Y._Bar-Grill, Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan  image source via woont

09-Tizzy's_N.Y._Bar-Grill_1  image source via tizzysbarandgrill

09-Tizzy's_N.Y._Bar-Grill_2  image source via snotes-english

Bistrot Milano Centrale, Restaurants in Milan

Bistrot Milano Centrale is a great place to grab a bite or have a cup of coffee while waiting for the train to arrive. This charming place will surprise you with the variety of fresh food that comes at a decent price, which is why this is one of the most popular restaurants in Milan.

10-Bistrot_Milano_Centrale, Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan   image source via biamar

10-Bistrot_Milano_Centrale-1   image source via innostephen

10-Bistrot_Milano_Centrale-2   image source via innostephen

10-Bistrot_Milano_Centrale-3, Most_Popular_Restaurants_in_Milan  image source via decopuntosuspensivo


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