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We are counting the last days of springs and welcoming summer and the hot weather. And when the temperatures are nice, the sun bright and night are warm you can start a new adventure. If you want to have an amazing trip, fun and exciting, all you need is a cheerful company and a tent, caravan, RV or mobile home. Well, since is summer, the cheapest and easiest way is to go with tents, but if you have a RV, then you will have a blast.

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Camping is an old tradition, people gathering up in a lovely natural environment, usually in a mountain or by the lake, set a camp, start a fire and roast marshmallows all night long.

Camping is perfect for kids-scouts, where they learn who to survive in the wild or for open concerts and festival in summer.

But, camping is also an amazing way to travel without limits, when you chose the time, destination, and location, the place you will place your tent and sleep under the stars.

Although it sounds like total fun and awesome experience, camping can be quite a challenge, after all you are in the wild and you will never know what can happen or who will visit you. But, nowadays there are camping side, where you can park and set up your camp, you have electricity, stores and toilets.

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But, if you want to camp like the old time, do it without modern technology.

If you want to try this amazing experience, a perfect way to bond with the family or to create memories with the friends, here are few tips to make your camping trip more easy and fun and to guide you thru your adventure.

After you chose the location and you hit the road, who have to pack what you need. A tent, warm blanket, matches so you can start fire, sleeping bag, cooking pot and some plastic dishes, warm clothes, water and food. Don’t forget the marshmallows and the sausages! Perfect by the fire pit in the evening.

You must remember that you need to find location to set your tent before dark, so you can make it thing, find woods for the fire and get prepared for the night.

You must bring flash light and extra batteries, because you will need light in the forest or by the lake.
Also you need to prepare yourself with warm clothes and comfortable and waterproof shoes. You can pack a waterproof poncho for any case, even I the weather is warm. Don’t forget a hat that will protect you from the sun.

Before placing you tent, look carefully around, you don’t want to sleep near wasps nest or other bugs and insects. Also, read more about poisonous plants before the trip, so you can protect yourself.

We leave a modern era, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get lost, so get your GPS, a map and a compass, if technology fails.

Hand sanitizers and wet wipes are perfect for camping, so make sure you have few packages with you, because you must stay clean, even in the forest.

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Ask in the store for camping tools such as knife, axe and shovel, so you can make a save shelter around the tent, collect woods for the fire and have an awesome time in the nature.

So, plan your trip, pack your tents and go to an adventure!

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