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Dive in luxury in Dubai, the most eccentric place on Earth

This emirate is part of the seven regions that form the United Arab Emirates, and actually stands as the wealthiest one among the others. The way people live here can be described with two words only: eccentricity and luxury You will “Dive in luxury in Dubai”. It is also rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East.

 image by Éole Wind, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


It is amazing how in less than 30 years, Dubai has turned from an ordinary fishing village into one of the most imposing places on Earth.

Dive in Luxury in Dubai Everywhere Around You

It is one golden city, since everything around shines as gold. The sheiks don’t save their money for nothing and enjoy in their palaces and their golden vehicles. On the streets of Dubai only the finest and most expensive cars can be spotted. And everything is huge here, like they are competing with the world to make the most extravagant and the biggest architectural masterpieces. The tallest skyscraper is located here, which is also the first seven star hotel in the world, the largest mall (containing the largest aquarium in the world too), and the most lavish restaurants and boutiques can be spotted as well. Everything is over the top and shines with luxury.

 image by Philipp Lücke, license CC BY-NC 2.0


Dubai – Second Most Expensive Place to Stay

According to a research Dubai ranks as the second most expensive place to stay in, as Geneva is on the top list. And, therefore many tourists started to avoid Dubai and try to spend their nights in the nearby Emirates, where the price for accommodation is more acceptable. But however this Emirate is still on the preferable list of many tycoons from around the globe. The ones with a deep pocket don’t save their money while here, but dive into a sea of extravagance and enjoy in the lavishness that can be spotted or experienced wherever you turn.

This opulent city serves as one playground for the wealthy ones from around the world.

  image by Hafsteinn Robertsson, license CC BY 2.0



image by Joi Ito, license CC BY 2.0




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