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Deals for Visiting Dubrovnik and it’s Monuments

Visiting Dubrovnik and Traveling around

Visiting Dubrovnik is quite an experience although it is an expensive place, but there are some discounts for a lot of places, products and tickets that you can use. The easiest way to get to the discounts is to have Dubrovnik Card which allows you entry into the 8 cultural monuments which are the top attractions of Dubrovnik. This card is designed to save your money and also your time. Depending on how much time you will stay in Dubrovnik, there are three types of cards. One card lasts one day, the other card lasts 3 days and the third card lasts one week. With this card you will get bus card, with which you can drive around Dubrovnik for free and will give you the advantage to go sightseeing the city.

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Deals in Dubrovnik

You will also get discounts in a lot of restaurants, souvenir shops, stores, jewellery shops and also tourist agencies. With each card your purchase, you will get travel guide of Dubrovnik in Croatian but also in English with descriptions, photos, and working hours, addresses of all the cultural and historical heritages for visiting Dubrovnik. There are also useful information and a list of all the Dubrovnik discount cards who offer discounts on a lot of services. Once you buy this card you can forget about spending money for entrance tickets for the cultural monuments or for the public transport. With this card you save more than 40% as compared to the individually bought tickets. You can also save 10% if you buy this card online before you visit Dubrovnik. If you don’t manage to buy it online, don’t worry you can still purchase it in 47 outlets in Dubrovnik like hotels, travel agencies and also tourist board offices.

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