Cultural Differences: How to Avoid Embarrassment on Your Trip (Part 1)

Did you know that in Japan it is considered rude to blow your nose in public? That’s not all – many countries in the world have very different manners than what we are accustomed to. Before starting a journey make sure you learn as much as possible about the culture of the people who visit. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. Take a look at the few strange rules that should be followed in some countries:



Argentinians consider it rude to ask what one does for a living. So if you find yourself in such a company, wait for someone else to ask the question first.

Bless you!
Don’t blow your nose in front of a Japanese friend. They call the mucus “hanakuso”, translated literally as “excrement from the nose.” That is why they find it inconceivable that someone could walk around with a handkerchief.

Giving flowers
In Poland, Sweden and Germany, carnations are worn almost exclusively at funerals. Chrysanthemums are “cemetery flowers” in Turkey, France, Italy, Spain and Belgium. In China and Indonesia, presenting an odd number of flowers is considered to bring bad luck, but in Germany, Russia, India and Turkey – just the opposite.

Remove your gloves
Wherever you are traveling in Europe, you should always remove the gloves for a handshake. It is considered rude to keep them on even if it is very cold.

Check please!
In most restaurants in Spain, be sure to ask for the check at the end of the meal. The waiters think it’s rude to bring you the check before you ask for one.

Always look in the eyes the person you are toasting with. If you are in Russia and drinking vodka, be sure that you have to drink to the bottom.

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