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Cuba, Land of Cocktails, Cigars and Sun

Summer is almost here and you need to plan your perfect gateway, a vacation that will wake all your senses, pure pleasure and long lazy day by the beach.
In Cuba the time have stop, everything is like 20 or even more years ago. Than gives it special charm, so unique and amazing.

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Vacation in Cuba

A vacation in Cuba is like traveling to the past, and only that you will enyoj all those amazing beaches with white sand and crystal clear sea, iced Mojito and sun shunning so bright. And if you get bored from all that beauty, just get on the streets and play Rumba with the locals. Learn this energetic and sexy dance.

This island in the Caribbean has a lot to offer, breathtaking nature, incredible beaches, a rich history and monuments worth visiting and delicious cuisine.
When you get to Cuba, visit Havana and feel it by acting like a local. Only here you can play Rumba in the streets, pay your respect to Che Guevara and try local delicacy. Roll up a cigar from the native tobacco and order cold local beer or the most famous cocktail in the world, Mojito.

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Visit the Capital of Cuba – Havana

Make sure you visit the capital, Havana, but the old part of the city. Only in this place you can see such a diversity of old and vintage styles and techniques. A must visit place is the Casa de la Obra Pia, home of a museum that has 18th century goodies and furniture. So, get comfortable shoes and walk around this old city and be amazed of it vintage beauty.

But, it is a summer and all you want for vacation is a lazy and long day at the beach. Don’t worry, Cuba has plenty of them, all magical, white sand, turquoise sea and palm trees. Sounds like heaven, right? All these beaches has interesting local names, try to remember them, and let each of them to give you an unforgettable experience and pure hedonism. Just dive in the water or have a small boat and explore all the small, wild and beautiful islands.

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When in Cuba

Along with the amazing beaches, Cuba is famous for the dance and music, the rhythm of the Cubans is something that will make you feel in love with this island. So, don’t be shy or afraid, show of your dance skills, right on the street and dance like there is no tomorrow. Rumba, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha are just few of the dances that were born here. Dancing and partying like locals do will give you such an amazing holiday experience. For sure you will feel more alive, sexy and free.

The Mother Nature was generous in this Caribbean islands, so all the nature and wild life are totally amazing. It will be hard to leave the beach, but take your time to see the side of Cuba, the plantations with tobacco, sugar cane and coffee, the mountains and the gardens with heavenly orchids.

When you are there, start your day with a strong cup of coffee and cigars, then topped it with cold cocktail or beer and fresh portion on fish and sea food, right from the sea. Try all that tropical fruits and local taste, you will keep asking for more!

Visit this old and beautiful island, feel the Cuban spirit and life, you won’t regret.

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