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Coldest Winter in the Last 100 Years is On Our Threshold

Beware! This following winter is expected to be the coldest winter  in the last hundred years, and will take over a large part of the old continent. This is how the meteorologists from all over Europe announce.

Are You Ready For Coldest Winter

Vast amounts of snow will spread over the continent, and will be accompanied by very low temperatures. And according to the calculations of the weather forecasters this arctic winter will go wild on the continent for about 5 months.

1-coldest_winter  image by John Talbot, license CC BY 2.0


Coldest Winter on it’s Way

The first cold wave should be expected in November.

And January is believed to be the coldest one with record-breaking low temperatures of minus 27 degrees Celsius, and will take over the bigger part of the continent, including the Balkan countries.

The sudden cold weather will bring a great amount of snow with it too, forming big snow covers on the mountains that are found in a large number in Europe. This will allow the skiers and snowboarders to enjoy in their winter sports starting earlier this year, and at the same time their ski season will last longer during the whole winter period that is expected to last for 5 months.

 image by Matti Mattila, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Forecasts for This Winter

The lower land cities will wait for the white snowflakes until the second half of November.

Either way, this will definitely be the coldest winter and will bring much more snow than we had last year.

Prepare to warm up your households well and try to regulate your temperature according to the outdoor temperatures. The weather might sometimes seem mild, but the temperature can get easily under the scale and surprise you. Start preparing your warm clothes starting today. We never know when the first cold wave will arrive.

It’s better to have everything organized and be fully prepared and wait for the cold, than catching you unprepared and not to know what to do first.

Because of the cold everything around will be frozen too. That’s why you should watch your step and be careful not to slip and break a bone or get a serious injury and also drive very carefully and equip your vehicles with winter tires or chains.

 image by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Many snow lovers can’t wait for the first snow to arrive and enjoy in the walks on the white cover. But there are some that can’t wait to use the snow as an excuse to get under the warm blanket and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and the company of a nice book or a movie.

Either way the winter will be really harsh this year and is only days away. Don’t forget this, but start preparing for it.


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