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Cities to Visit in the Balkan Countries

Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid is the pearl of Macedonia, the city of light, located at the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Every path leads to Ohrid. It is culturally important center for the history not only for Macedonia but also for all nations of the Slavonic tongue. This city has exceptional beauty which leaves the visitors breathless. It is also important for its architecture. The narrow streets of the Old Town contain a large number of restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. Ohrid is located at an attitude on 695 and in this town lies the Ohrid lake which is estimated to be 3 million years old and one of the oldest lakes in the world. The lake has rich endemic flora and fauna. Ohrid is a UNESCO World heritage. Seven millennium of existence left a huge cultural legacy and in Ohrid you can find places and objects dating from prehistory. Over the centuries, Ohrid was robbed, destroyed by human hands and natural disasters but always rebuilt and made more beautiful. As a separate item can be seen the quay named Marshal Tito. On this quay there are a lot of private hotels and other resorts for private accommodation. Ohrid abounds in monuments and wonderful beaches. In Ohrid merge the sun and water, history and modern life.

via Flickr, by Zlatko Parmakovski, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar is historically the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is in a mountainous country near the Neretva River. In 1452 Mostar was a Turkish town. Turkish replaced the wooden bridge over the Neretva River with a stone one. During the Bostonian civil war the bridge was destroyed by a fire. After that the bridge and was restored and now it is on the list of the UNESCO Worlds Heritage. This town was a centre for trade and crafts and the coppersmith’s bazaar is one of the major touristic attractions. Mostar also was the centre of the Serbian poets and scholars. This town is also famous for its quality vines and tobacco. Places that you should visit in Mostar are the old bridge, the bridge Museum, which is next to the bridge. It contains exhibits on the history of the bridge, panoramic view from the top, and a video in which is showed the reconstruction of the bridge. The Muslibegovica House, which is considered as the most beautiful house.History Museum of Herzegovina, contains photos of Mostar in any time in the past. The remains of Mehmed Pasina Dzamija, small pretty Ottoman mosque, Karadjoz-Bey Mosqu which is modest Ottoman mosque, Cemetery, In the past it was a park but then it was turned into a cemetery in 1993 because the dead needed a place to be buried Biscevica House- Ottoman house. And also you should visit the Sum which is a large cross situated on a hill.

via Flickr, by Pietro Columba, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

 Pula, Croatia

Pula is situated southern of the Istrian peninsula located between hills. This town offers beautiful views of the Adriatic. Pula’s natural surroundings are magical like from fairy-tale. This town is known for its mild climate and blue crystal-clean Sea. Pula has old tradition for wine making and it is known also for shipbuilding. It is the home of many Roman buildings. Take a virtual walk around Pula and you will see the many cultural monuments, from which the most significant is the Roman amphitheater- Arena. Also you will see the numerous parks the Cathedral Castle, the Triumphal arch, the gate of Hercules, Temple of Augustus, the Twin gates and the Small Roman Theater. This city has also very special square and old city walls. Pula as also flourishing life apart from being a touristic destination, it is important shipbuilding center. If there isn’t an event in the amphitheatre there is not a lot going on in the centre. Going to Pula by car is not a very good idea especially when it rains because in the old town the streets are narrow and there is very little parking space. Pula is a small town so you can easily walk around the town and all the touristic destinations are in the centre and you can easily visit them all only by walking.

via Flickr, by Bernd Thaller, license CC BY-NC 2.0

 Heraklion – Crete, Greece

Heraklion is the biggest and major urban city of Crete. There are many monuments in the heart of the city dating to the middle Ages. From the port onwards the August Street is sprang till the square where the church Agios Titos is situated and next to it is the Venetian Loggia, a venetian building decorated with trophies blazons which was used as a meeting place for the noble men. Important features of the city are the Turkish and Venetian fountains. The most famous is the Morozin fountain also called the Lions which is in Venetian style. Other beautiful fountains are the Sagredo fountain, Bembo and Priuli fountain. Among the churches the biggest is the Metropolis of Agios Minas. There is also the chapel of Mikros Agios Minas. Other important churches are Agia Ekaterini, Agios Markos, and the other important chuches are the Monastery of Agios Petros, Panagia Akrotiriani and Stavroforon. If you go in this city do not miss to visit one of the most important museums the Archeological museum, which contains unique elements of the Minoan civilization. Crete has a warm climate. Summers are dry and hot and sometimes relived by the seasonal breezes, while the winters are mild with rare snow and frost.

via Flickr, by Tony Hammond, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

 Sarande, Albania

Sarande is the most important touristic destination of Albania because Sarande is one of the Mediterranean beach towns where you can get hotel room for only 15-20 Euros per night. The popularity of Sarande has grown over the last couple of years. The clear blue-green water attracts tourists from all over the world. Near the ocean there are restaurants bars and clubs. There are also luxurious restaurants which offer the most delicious freshly-caught seafood. All in all Sarande is perfect destination for vacation or only for visiting. Sarande is a city that will give you fun and relaxation while not emptying your wallet. This town has Mediterranean climate like that of coastal Italy and Greece. In September and October the summer climate is still going on making these months perfect for vacation. If you come here you must visit Ksamil, a small village next to Sarande which has the most beautiful beach with 3 islands to which you can swim to or go by small boat. Another place that is must is the ancient city Butrint.

05-Sarande_Albania via Flickr, by Artur Malinowski, license CC BY 2.0

 Novi Sad, Serbia

 The name Novi Sad means New Garden. Novi Sad is the capital of Vojvodina, it is located in the Danube River between Belgrade and Budapest. It is the treasure of Serbia. You can walk in the centre because it is small and there are interesting things to visit. The bars and hotels are reachable by foot. There are several important and interesting touristic destinations like the old town hall which is located on the main city square named Trg Slobode. Also a must is the Petrovaradin in which there is also a museum called Muzej Grada Novog Sada. Another interesting thing for visiting is the orthodox church of the great martyr St. George, the catholic church of Virgil’s name, the old castle Dundjerski and the beautiful synagogue in the center. There are also a lot of museums worth visiting. In this town is organized the important musical happening Exit festival. Novi Sad is a typical Central European town. There are a small number of old buildings dating before the 19 century, because the city was destroyed in the revolution. In the center of the city dominates the architecture typical for the 19 century. Around the center in the past were old small houses but nowadays they were replaced with modern buildings.

via Flickr, by Dennis Jarvis, license CC BY-SA 2.0

Maribor, Slovenia, Balkan pearl

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. It is a small city situated in the breathtaking nature of Pohorie. It is surrounded by wine growing hills in the one side and on the other the river Drava. It is one of the best touristic destinations that Slovenia can offer. It has a wine tradition making the one of the oldest vine in the world. This city has flourishing cultural history. Maribor offers to the visitor’s possibilities for recreation, entertainment, exploring and relaxation. The town offers so much that it is said that the town has soul and heart. You can have unforgettable adventure in the old town while walking by the Drava River, the squares and lively street where the history blends with modernity. Lent is the oldest part of the town full with towers and remains of the old town walls and also the square Graiski trg where the castle and museum are situated. If you go through the city streets you will end up in the one of the most beautiful parks in Slovenia. The city hosts a great number of happenings. Maribor is one of the unique traditional towns placed in the one of the group of the most beautiful European towns. It has very attractive position and the inhabitants of this town are known as the one of the most hospitality people. Maribor has a beautiful panoramic landscape of the wine roads. If you come once here you will certainly want to come again.

via Flickr, by Boris Mitendorfer Photography, license CC BY-NC-SA 2.0



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